The Great Khali: The Ultimate Muscle

Great Khali & Jinder Mahal

Great Khali and Jinder Mahal – WWE Battleground ( (2017)

Battleground 2017 will forever go down as the pay-per-view, WWE’s legendary figure; The Great Khali returned and gave the assist to his fellow countryman, Jinder Mahal. Khali is certainly a legendary figure of WWE, but reasons as to why he is may not always be positive. A lot of fans remember Khali for his clunky in-ring work. But, Khali’s seven-foot, one-inch frame and near 400-pound weight is always a welcome asset in the world of WWE.

Khali’s return saw him as Jinder Mahal’s right-hand man, ensuring Jinder remains the WWE champion and the pride of India. The event also suggests, WWE has found the perfect role for Great Khali, and it’s the role he should have been in all along – the muscle.

Despite being a former World Heavyweight Champion, and having some entertaining pay-per-view bouts with John Cena, Khali has never been a worthy main event superstar. The WWE was certainly able to get the most out of Khali in the first few years, and John Cena, to his credit, got the most out of Great Khali at Judgement Day (2007) & Extreme Rules (2007). However, great moments were few and far between for Great Khali as a main event performer.

The Perfect Role

The Great Khali as Jinder Mahal’s right-hand man, however, makes a lot of sense. The Great Khali can play an effective role in the main event picture, using his size and power, and not over expose himself by wrestling main event matches.

Khali can also help Jinder in both the fictional feuds and Jinder’s quest to being a top heel. With The Great Khali by his side, Jinder will be able to garner a great deal of heat from the fans. Jinder can be an incredibly arrogant and brash champion because he knows he has the mighty Khali to do his dirty work. Jinder can cheat at every turn, and use Khali to beat all of the fan-favourite superstars, which will greatly enhance his effectiveness as a top heel.

The Great Khali will also help with WWE’s quest to rule the Indian market. Jinder speaks in-length about Khali’s superstar status in India on a recent Talk is Jericho, and he also details an angle involving Khali which drew sixty thousand Indian fans to a stadium. Khali also interacts with A-list Indian actors on a regular basis. So there is very little doubt as Jinder Mahal’s muscle, The Great Khali has the ability to offer WWE a path to success in the Indian market.

Whether WWE chooses to have The Great Khali in this role or not, remains to be seen. Khali was not present at the Smackdown post-Battleground, so only time will tell. Khali certainly has the ability to become an incredible asset to both Jinder and the WWE if he is given the role as Jinder Mahal’s right-hand man.

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