Hall Campaign Passes $100K, Rock Celebrates GI Joe Success, Punk


– CM Punk is now confirmed for two Wizard World Comic Con appearances later this year. He will be at the Chicago Comic Con from the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center from 12 noon until 7pm on August 10th. Punk will also be appearing at the Nashville Comic Con in Nashville, TN from 12:30pm until 3:30pm on October 20th.

– Scott Hall’s Indiegogo campaign has raised $101,002 as of this writing, well over the $80,000 goal. Hall has surgery scheduled for April 9th and has said that any extra money raised through Indiegogo will be donated to charity.

– WWE Champion The Rock celebrated the success of GI Joe 2 with 12 pizzas this weekend. He tweeted:

“12 pizzas. Sent by my 2 agents. Dominated by 1 man. #CelebratingGIJoeBoxOffice #WMEFamily @slate9 Ari Emanuel”

Rock with Pizzas

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    • Two things became very apparent to anyone who read this response.
      #1 – You can’t read that The Rock’s agents sent 12 pizzas.
      #2 – You can’t count the 12 pizzas that are on the table in front of him.

  1. Scott Hall should either keep the money for the medication he’ll require or pass it on to Marty Jannetty.


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