Hangman Page And Kip Sabian Comment On Their Fight For The Fallen Match


It was announced this week that Hangman Page and Kip Sabian will be competing at AEW’s Fight For The Fallen, and both men have commented on the match.

Sabian and Hangman are both undefeated in AEW so far, with AEW deciding to put the two men against each other in Jacksonville later this month following Hangman’s victory at Fyter Fest.

Hangman Page kept his comments about the match fairly simply, stating he is very excited for the match as he put over Kip, stating he is real good.

Kip Sabian also commented on the announcement, going into slightly more detail stating that this is the most important match of his career and that getting the win counts. He continued by claiming that if he wins, the title contention is real.

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