Heath Slater To Fight For A Job (And The TNA World Title) On IMPACT Wrestling Next Week


Last week’s post-Slammiversary episode of IMPACT Wrestling saw the artist formerly known as Heath Slater weasel his way onto a closed set at the very end of the show.

While he still wasn’t invited to this week’s tapings – all in story of course – Heath not only managed to score himself a world championship match, but an opportunity to sign a contract with IMPACT!

After confronting Moose, the so-called TNA World Heavyweight Champion (it’s a long story…) in a backstage segment, head honcho Scott D’Amore officially announced that if Heath can defeat Moose in a title match next week, he’ll also earn himself a job.

IMPACT has been running an angle since Slammiversary where, despite them signing all these other big names, Heath isn’t even allowed at tapings because they’re taping on a closed set due to the pandemic.

His former tag partner and friend Rhino was at one point supposed to open the door for him, both literally and metaphorically, but got distracted in a two-week arm wrestling war with TNA original Shawn “Supermex” Hernandez.