Here Are Our 7 Bold Predictions For This Week’s WWE Superstar Shakeup

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Tonight marks the start of the annual Superstar Shakeup, kicking off on Monday Night RAW and carrying over to tomorrow’s episode of Smackdown Live. Over the course of this two-day event we will likely see more than two dozen names change brands, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for the post-WrestleMania New Year to come in 2018.

Where will Daniel Bryan land now that he’s back as a full-time competitor? Will we see the emergence of any more NXT call-ups? What tag teams will trade places, and which groups might see their factions disbanded? On the following pages we’ve come up with SEVEN of our best predictions for this year’s Superstar Shakeup, some fairly obvious, while others are a bit more outlandish. Let us know what you think in the comments section down below!

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