Hernandez Addresses Recent TNA Departure – Details


UPDATE: Hernandez sent out the following tweet regarding his TNA departure:

“As my contract expired yesterday, I thank TNA -both wrestlers &staff for the last 8 years. Lots of ups and downs but good times nonetheless.”

ORIGINAL: Shawn Hernandez’s TNA contract has expired and he is now gone from the company. Hernandez was with the company since 2004 and won the tag team titles five times.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: A TNA Memo Sent Out Yesterday Saying The Future Of The Company Is In Major Question (>>)!!


  1. WWE should considered picking up this wrestler The Mexican Superman will be a good addition to the WWE. Bautista built and can wrestle like a cruiserwaight. WWe need good Latino wrestlers.

    • I still can’t believe how far he has gone. I used to watch him here in Dallas when he was Hot Stuff Hernandez. He was NWA SouthWests top dog

  2. Hernandez is a true wrestler. I used to love when he would run on the ramp and jump in to the ring over the top rope. Super awesome. He had not been on TV for a while and I missed him. TNA is getting dumber and dumber. I watch Impact every thursday and support it, But I swear it is getting dumb man. And I want TNA to make it. It’s not the talent that is messing up it is the clueless people in the back. I love TNA and it hurts me to say this. The knockouts are great and entertaining. EY is awesome. But if you have a wrestler that a few years ago was the #1 wrestler. A guy who gets the only decent pop. JEFF HARDY. Why not exploit it


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