Hernandez Talks AEW: “They Got Some Big Shoes To Fill”


Former-IMPACT Wrestling wrestler Hernandez recently spoke with the VOC Nation Wrestling With History Show about AEW’s chances against WWE in weekly ratings competition:

Transcription via Robert Gunier at Wrestling INC.

“AEW got a great start by being on TNT, so we’ll see what happens. I think they have some big shoes to fill unless they get some crossover from the WWE performers.”

Hernandez also talked about TNA’s brief flirtation with weekly competition against WWE:

“No disrespect to any regime that we’re talking about, but when you’re trying to compete with WWE on a Monday night, when you’re only doing a 1.3 rating on Thursday night, where’s that going to get you?”

Hernandez is currently touring the independent scene, reunited with Homicide. He’s also pursuing a career in television.

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