Heyman Comments on Lesnar, Austin Asking for Bryan Feedback, More

– Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins spoke with Cleveland.com this morning and said The Shield will not split up. Here’s video:

– Steve Austin says he will discuss the Royal Rumble and Daniel Bryan on the next Steve Austin Show podcast. He tweeted:

“I will cover a few topics about #RoyalRumble on #steveaustinshow. Frustrated with lack of Daniel Bryan push? Questions@steveaustinshow.com”

– Paul Heyman tweeted the following about Brock Lesnar destroying Big Show at the Royal Rumble:

“EVERYONE saw the true BEAST inside @BrockLesnar last night. @DanaWhite @WWE #EatSleepConquerRepeat”

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  • Jason Campolo

    heyman everyone seen the p**** brock lesner run scared and needed a chair he is a fat slob

    • Carter Williams

      Wouldn’t call him a fat slob, he’s in better shape than you or I. Completely ridiculous though how the “match” went off considering these two used to go to war years ago when Brock was “The Next Big Thing”. Brock didn’t back down then now all of a sudden he’s a p****, it’s just dumb.

      • Jason Campolo

        ya but he got fat as hell u see his guy and all the rolls he has he used to be riped now hes not

        • Carter Williams

          Well don’t forget with age everything starts to go. All of the big guys who used to be ripped are showing their age, especially since roids aren’t acceptable anymore. Triple H, Taker, Sting, hell even Big Show had alright definition back in the day but time (and in a lot of cases money mixed with a lot downtime) catches up with everyone. Even Cena seems a bit smaller and not as defined as he used to be.

    • allan

      slob brock lesnar is one of the greatest athletes wwe has ever had. thats a f***in fact

  • Booyah2014

    Gee…could WWE even call that a match?? Looked to me like it was a guy hitting another guy with a chair for 10-15 minutes. I didn’t see any wrestling at all.