Heyman Jokes on 2014, Hardy Gives Props to WWE for RAW, DDP

– Diamond Dallas Page is running a DDP Yoga Challenge at this link. For 2013, three individuals will win $5,000 for their inspiring DDP Yoga blog and one individual will win an extra $10,000.

– Matt Hardy has published a new Facebook blog on the ending to last night’s RAW. Here’s part of what he wrote:

“The last segment of WWE RAW was phenomenal in it’s totality. It serve so many purposes perfectly. Both Triple H and Cena reacted to the Daniel Bryan responses flawlessly. Orton’s promo was on the money. Cena’s promo was on the money. There was star power everywhere in the ring. The brawl at the end was exciting, leading to Stephanie getting tackled by RKO. The viewers were left with questions at the end, yet wanting to see more. That segment was WWE at it’s best. The content of those final 25 minutes of RAW sold TLC PPVs. Kudos, WWE!”

– Paul Heyman posted photos of the winter weather in New York today and joked that he was “plotting, planning and conspiring” on World Domination 2014. There’s still no word on when exactly Heyman will return to WWE TV.

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  • The Knight of Truth

    Wish the Hardys would return to WWE. I would love to see Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk again!….

    • allan

      I thought all of raw was awesome ,great matches

  • Mikeyxbox

    The last segment on Raw was hugely entertaining. It was funny seeing how the DB chants affected everyone. The fans are sending a clear message that wont go away easily. WWE creative messed up big time by not having Bryan remain champ. How much clearer does it have to be?

    • Eyam Ova-Urazis

      He’ll be champ. Count on it. They’re using old school philosophy, thinking it pays off better in the end if the babyface chases the title forever, and then finally gets it.