Heyman Turns At Money In The Bank, Superstars Win MITB Briefcases

– Damien Sandow won the Money in the Bank briefcase for a future World Heavyweight Title shot at tonight’s pay-per-view. He won after turning on partner Cody Rhodes, who was close to winning. It appears Cody will be turning babyface after the response he received from fans during the match tonight.

– Randy Orton won the Money in the Bank briefcase for a shot at the WWE Title. Orton’s win came after Paul Heyman turned on CM Punk, hitting him with a ladder several times as Punk was trying to climb for the briefcase.

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  • captainbuck

    I was in Loafer’s in Catonsville MD watching this and the funniest thing said all night, right as Heyman and Punk looked at each other before the last ladder slam, dude yells out “BUT YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME!!!”. whack! Priceless timing.

    • The huntress in the night

      that is good..lol

  • Dave Humphrey

    I do honestly think Heyman wanted RVD to win Money in the bank ladder match thats why he turned on Punk. Also had a Wyatt family member been in that ladder match i wouldn’t have watched no-more wrestling or gone to TNA because how can 10 minutes work give you a number 1 contender’s match at money in the bank thats all that is the ladder match