HHH on Not Accepting Bryan’s WrestleMania Challenge and More


– Above is Triple H’s latest sit-down interview with Michael Cole. Here are some highlights:

* Triple H talks about missing last week’s interview because he was busy with the NXT Arrival event in Orlando.

* Regarding not giving Daniel Bryan a match at WrestleMania, Triple H says he’s the COO of the company and is just too busy. Cole brought up his matches with Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. Triple H says they’re A+ players and Bryan isn’t.

* Cole says it was thunderous at RAW in Chicago – fans want Daniel Bryan. Triple H says there’s no denying the fans want it and no denying Bryan thinks he deserves it. Triple H says imagine the deafening silence there would be when Bryan is beat at WrestleMania. Triple H says there’s no need to end the “Yes! Movement” because he’s a B+ player and that’s still good for business – the t-shirt sales and everything.

* Triple H admitted the fans love Bryan but said they have no idea what they’re asking for him to get into. Cole said everyone thinks Triple H is afraid of Bryan and asked him if he is afraid. Triple H said the answer to Cole’s question is the same answer to Bryan’s question – no.

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