HHH on Why He Was Given WWE COO Responsibilities

Triple H spoke with Michael Cole during a storyline interview about why he was given the responsibilities as WWE COO.

“Why am I the person that was chose to do that?” Triple H asked, in regards to being appointed COO. “Ask Vince McMahon. Was it because I was the best candidate? Because I have the best mind for the business? Whatever that reason is… it doesn’t change the fact that I’m the COO of this company and I am charged with making those decisions.”

Triple H also discussed his feud with Daniel Bryan and noted that what he was doing was best for the company.

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  • Mel Weber

    He couldn’t just say “who am I banging”? lol

    • Frankie Martinez

      …Mel, if someone asks him ” who did you bang on your way to the top ? ” He’ll probably answer : ” let’s just say it stayed in the family ” or some s***……. 😛

      • Mel Weber


  • Gregory Johnson

    He’s more like the COO COO of the company! It’s just the fact that he just can’t wrestle anymore yet he still tries to take the limelight from the ones that can.

  • ben

    They’ll probably book HHH vs Bryan at mania so HHH can say “HE” stole the show

    • Frankie Martinez

      …..even worse, it could be the opening match, squash bryan in 15 seconds to top sheamus, and book himself in the main event at the exact moment the match is about to start. and it would be title vs title to crown an undisputed champion and he of course would win it !!!……and 2 weeks later, WWE is bought by Ted Turner……:P

  • Bobby Higgins

    triple h blah blah blah you think that you are for the busineess i dont care boldiebean and ran coo at summer slam no ref put hands on superstar you should be fired and stephanie also yourrrr fired from bobby higgins

  • Bobby Higgins

    triple h yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes from bobby higgins

  • captainbuck

    At least Shane is due back soon 😉