HHH Pushing the Tag Team Division?, WWE PG Product Paying Off, Cena


– The current plan is for John Cena to return to WWE TV for the October 28th RAW, the night after Hell In a Cell. WWE wants his first appearance back to be on the pay-per-view as opposed to putting him on the go-home show to build his World Heavyweight Title match against Alberto Del Rio.

– In 2008, WWE’s total revenue from corporate sponsorships was $7.4 million. Now, after 5 years of pushing their PG product publicly and promising sponsors that there would be no more risque TV, the number is expected to hit $20 million this year.

– Triple H has once again sent the directive to re-focus on the WWE tag team division. The plan as he laid it out was to first get some teams ready in NXT to bring to the main roster, as well as take some talented guys on the main roster who officials recognize are underutilized and try and get them going as a tag team. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel are one example of a new team we may see here soon.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. I would love to see the tag team division become important again. Think back to the WWE – Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, Beefcake and Valentine, Nokolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik, Powers of Pain, even the Killer Bees and the Bushwackers, Meanwhile, in the NWA, Rock n Roll Express, Steiners, Midnight Express, Freebirds, Road Warriors, and whoever else I am forgetting right now.

    Tag teams can draw money!

        • You have to give him credit for mentioning “too” meaning he included the ’80’s but also mentioned the sweet ass matches the 24/25yr olds of today would remember…As crazy insane scaffold matches were in the 80s ..TLC changed the game

        • Dude eat a d*** f**got I said …too as in it was big then too, Ive forgot more about pro wrestling then you will know in your lifetime. I’ve spent years in the ring too so like I said eat a d*** and read what I say more carefully

          • Your recommendation to “eat a d***” is not something I’m interested in. Perhaps you should market your own personal interests and requests in the porn industry, no?

      • I always liked Money Inc, and the WWF short lived team of The Brain Busters…Tag teams were the S***…also would love to see the old WWF tag belts return, not the Roman Pennies they have now

        • Agreed, the belts are very tacky. I completely forgot about Money Inc! I remember they had a pretty good feud going with the Natural Disasters there for a little bit. They are 2 examples of good but not great singles competitors turning into very good tag teams.

    • Don’t forget Doom, Skyscrapers, Four Horseman, Somaoan Swat Team, and tons of others. Italian Stallions, The Fabulous Reaugos, Twin towers, Pan American express, strike force

      • Van Ericks, Freebirds, Gino Hernandes and Tully Blancherd, The Fabulous Blonds, Erick Embry and Sweet Bob Sweatang, The Sheapherders, Muta don’t remember his partner name and others great teams, forgot the Briscos and Stieners and the Blade Runners Sting n Werrior.

    • The product should be PG. I don’t even know why I waste my time explaining this to you… but corporate sponsorships are important for WWE. The WWE universe doesn’t really want an R-rated product, anyways. It doesn’t benefit anyone at all. The buffoons like yourself that are into the risque factor need to resort to porn if WWE isn’t cutting it for you.

      • Case in point..remember how big Pepsi was into WWF?? I forget what happened but risque TV ended all that.( might be the Katie Vick angle )..I still say that if they go back to the RAW is WAR format then you can please both the sponsors and those yearning for some TV-14/MA rating to show..I mean really kids should be sleep after 8:30/9:00 anyway , leaving the demographic they want to attract still watching …but alas tis only a dream…

        • That would work perfectly. Not every match would need to be a violent blood fest. It would however allow certain matches that have been built up around an intense rivalry to be done properly. The no DQ matches are tame compared to what they once where. Hopefully it would stop the whole pausing of the match for 5min because some guy got busted open by accident too.

        • It will bring lots of good viewing of adults for example the hoe train heard the Godfather coming back for a run. Still remember Trish kissing Vince feet in her fra an panties know that was good Tv on the Monday night wars bring back Raw is War

      • Don’t know why I have to explain this but no it shouldn’t kids watch and I watched when I was a kid cause it wasn’t a kids show, wrestling is violent and offensive and thats the way it should be ,stickin your middle finger in your bosses face not begin to the fans to hustle respect. Its only good money wise but at the cost of what could be a way better show, its like brad Pitt puts out a crappy movie and it makes 100 million but does that make it a good movie? No its still crap, there is a lot wwe could do to getsponsr etc look at ufc soon enough they will destroy every mma promotion and they don’t try to appeal to kids they try to appeal to people who want to watch the f***ing fight. I hear what your saying but soon enough what’s best for business is going to be what the people want and there not gonna have a choice just look at punk and Bryan its just the start

        • What is this… “getsponsr”… You really need to look over your posts before you hit that magical click… your posts leave me annoyed because of your typos and ill grammar.

      • It does not have to be rated R but I think at times the WWE could use just a little bit more edge. I mean, the Monday night wars were great and all but constantly putting women in bra and panty pillow fights, having Mae Young give birth to a hand on national television, and DX’s never ending string of sexual references is something that I could have done without. (I say this being an adult at the time that all of this was going on).

        Still, sometimes I would like for the product to have a little bit more aggression behind it. John Cena is a perfect example of what I am talking about. The man has moments of greatness in him and then he turns around and goes back to his very corny interview segments and his “5 moves of doom” while he single-handedly destroys every single guy in the back with a broken leg and one arm tied behind his back. Sometimes I miss the guy that was United States Champion that used to come out with all of this aggression and determination.

        That guy went on vacation. The person they have now looks like him and answers to his name but is more interested in his “5 moves of doom” and selling brightly colored Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect t-shirts to 7 year-olds. I respect the man for all that he has done and I know he has heart. I just wish he would have a little bit more of the aggression and edge that I know is hiding in there somewhere.

  2. i would like to tons of fun become more of a physical team . like the road warriors charge the ring beat the s*** out of people stop dancing and acting like fools. maybe put dolph ziggler and curtis axel together like a ric flair and arn anderson and build of it

    • would love to see Tons of Funk heels and more veciouse think Ziggler an Ryder but as heels also would love to see Xeview Woods and Kofi Kingston Axel and Miz could do wonders

      • Lately Miz is trying to show a really aggressive side to him, but he’s a dollar short and a year late from my perspective. Throw his carcass in TNA and let them fake him into believing he’s a top star…

    • I’m downgrading you to Nickelstore for that remark… Ziggler and Axel have two completely different styles. Ziggler is a more frantic competitor; Axel reminds me of a slightly faster (and more compelling) Randy Orton.

  3. Wrestling is for f***ing adults and for kids who want to watch an adult show, how many kids wanna watch barney after there 5 ,no one ,why not just put wwe on treehouse or some kids program and just sell kids crap all day… Can’t even imagine how kids are gonna turn out watching this crap

    • What’s with all the f-bombs now in your post? What are you trying to do – spice up the threads a little? If kids watch this on Treehouse or any of those kids’ networks… heh… why do I waste my time? Hell, kids are going to do it anyways. Look at how assholes like you came about… there’s more on the way because this generation (people in their 20s now and younger) are lazy, disrespectful, and for the most part a danger to our society.


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