HHH Takes a Shot at CM Punk, WWE Video Gets Booed Before RAW, More


– Before last night’s RAW in San Antonio began, WWE made a mistake and got a big negative reaction from the crowd when they aired the Miami Heat video of LeBron James giving his teammates WWE Title replicas. San Antonio is home to Heat rivals the Spurs and this didn’t go over well with the crowd.

– WWE’s 2014 SummerSlam pay-per-view is almost sold out. As of yesterday, only single tickets were available.

– It was noted at last night’s RAW that there was no footage of CM Punk vs. The Undertaker in the video package that Paul Heyman presented, showing Taker’s recent WrestleMania matches against people Brock Lesnar has dominated. It was also said that Triple H’s line to Daniel Bryan about “not taking your ball and going home” was a shot at Punk.

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Partial source: F4Wonline.com


  1. everthing that is phrased towards quiting or anything to that nature will be considered a shot at punk, its worth noting that HHH has been saying things like that to Daniel Bryan since summerslam. it not news worthy stating that every is a shot to punk, let me guess batista acting like he was walking out at the beginning of raw was also a shot at punk. PUNK WILL BE AT WRESTLEMANIA !!! MARK MY WORDS

      • I just feel like this whole thing is a ploy, wrestlemania always has a strong mainstream media attention going on and a story line to fuel it and the past few years they have had the rock to give it to them. And if u look at wwe they dont have any mainstream media wrestlemaina story lines going on right now, but they do if u really look at it. Cm punk is the story line, he made an appearance on walking dead 3 weeks before mania, for what , to keep it in the media and in the fans face, and with wwe supposedly leaking these stories about punk and them being mad at him for making the appearance and cm punk mistakingbe I being put on wrestlemain merchandise, u telling a company of that magnitude cant fix that misprint. Ill believe punk is gone if wrestlemania goes off the air and punk never showed up

        • I have to agree with iMike…. Punk may not wrestle… But surely ad swerve job in some degree should
          Be considered…. Ratings and $$$$ are the only things wwe cares about…I’m just saying …. It could remain the same and be Chicago a few weeks back… Everybody expected it, but it didn’t happen


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