HHH to Address Rhodes Family & Big Show on Monday’s Raw

WWE published a new interview session with Michael Cole and Triple H. Here are two points that were mentioned:

* Triple addressed the way Michael Cole reported his injuries, when Cole claimed Triple H may have had his jaw wired shut, and suffered a concussion. He told Cole to do his homework.

* Triple H mentioned that he would address The Big Show and the Rhodes Family on Raw next week.

The interview ended with Triple H getting in Cole’s face before walking out.

Spoiler on a Big Match for Next Week’s Raw Episode….

  • Jack Swagger

    Sometimes I wish he would have just stayed with Chyna.

    • allan

      Y she’s a porn star and tripe h is doing a great job in wwe , wellness program his idea, the new nxt his idea which is awesome he also responsible for bringing in alot of great talent and he himself is a legend.

  • Gregory Squirrell

    triple h needs to make a choice stay in the spot light and wrestle or be the boss and start focussing on the other guys…….right now he reminds me of Hogan whos best days are behind him but he still want to be in the spotlight and instead of making stars out of the new guys