HHH Twitter Q&A, Shelton on No Big V Tribute During RAW, Bayley

– WWE NXT Diva Bayley has a new video blog on WWE’s website at this link.

– Former WWE star Shelton Benjamin tweeted the following about WWE not paying tribute to Nelson “Big Daddy V” Frazier on RAW:

“I am extremely disappointed in the WWE for not acknowledging the passing of Nelson Frazier AKA Big Daddy V, AKA Vicera, AKA Mabel. Brother put in too much time and deserved at very least and R.I.P. package. i understand there is something on smackdown but it should have been on Raw, the Flagship show”

– Triple H will hold his first-ever Twitter Q&A on Thursday to hype NXT Arrival. Fans can send their questions to @TripleH between 3pm EST and 3:30pm EST using the hashtag #NXTArRIVAL.

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  • Rich Francis

    What about Big John Stud where is his RIP Package. Oh you have to drop every thing to please the crowds well its to bad. They could put it on Main Event.

    • allan

      there are many. like test. 10 years in the wwe,not a mention

      • Rich Francis

        Test was great I loved T&A what a team. He did so much for the company for a big man and he wasnt that big of big man.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    The ultimate irony is that a lot of people don’t get a mention and Benoit got a whole tribute show almost instantly BEFORE the details of his demise were announced.