Highlights from Ultimate Warrior’s Appearance at AXXESS Event


Ultimate Warrior spoke at a WWE2K14 AXXESS event earlier today. Here are some highlights from the event courtesy of Arda Ocal.

* “We’ll, F*CK!” – this is the first words out of his mouth. Off to an amazing start!

* 30 secs in, 4 F bombs. Passion embodies char, despite being asked not to swear. Warrior promises no more.

* Warrior says he’s 54 years old. He was 30 when he wrestled Hogan at WrestleMania 6.

* Warrior says he never had a male role model in his life, is glad he created a character that ppl could look up to.

* Warrior says one of his heroes is Walt Disney, one of his kid’s nicknames is Walt.

* Warrior: Before signing with WWE, Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson asked me, “what’s a Dingo Warrior?” I had no idea…

* Warrior says his legal name has been Warrior for 20 years, is the surname on his kids birth certificates.

* Warrior says when he started shaking the ropes, veterans would line up to tell him not to do that. He didn’t listen.

* Warrior: I slept in cars, got 3 hours sleep a night to make that character happen.

* Warrior wrapped up and will take pics with people, no interviews today.

Photos of Ultimate Warrior from 2K Event….


    • What makes him an idiot exactly? Because he said F***??? Because he didnt adhere to the PG format every adult fan complains about? Or is it that he answers questions honestly without worrying about the politically correct response like a Cena, or Randy Orton.

    • You know all wrestlers charge appearance fees right? You think Ric Flair showed up for the hall of fame for free??? You think HBK was on the Summer Slam pre show for free? Wrestlers charge fees thats how it works, they are not Unicef

      • you cant be that ignorant can you ? but ill speak to you like a child ok. i understand wwe paid him to be at fan axxes what im saying is i would not be surprised if he charged an additional fee to take pictures with people. hell im surprised he showed up at all. im sure he was late as he always is

        • He was not known for being late, and just so you know… Wrestlers typically charge extra for pictures too! From the Steve Austin’s to the Nasty Boys’ They all charge at these events. (Which Warrior didn’t) How about don’t be a complete idiot before you post some s***. You want to hate the guy, hate him, just dont use lies and misinformation.

          • he is very well known for being late and for pulling no shows. axxes is unlike a regular event the guys are paid by wee to be there and either speak or take pics or sign they are not allowed to charge the fans for anything else but warrior is such scum i would not put it past him to try to get more money out of the fans. something tells me you have his nuts in your mouth right now

          • Is that the best you can do is make “gay” references? Say s*** like im his boyfriend, or I have his nuts in my mouth… C’mon man… Get with the times, and learn to talk some better s*** cause ending a stable argument with a homosexual remark is f***ing weak, seriously weak. I suggest either leaving your comfort zone of gay jokes, and providing an intelligent insult, or having yourself checked for mental retardation. Be better than that, and by “be better” I mean leave the gay remarks out of it, and stay away from “your mom” jokes too… go to a quiet happy place and search your gather up whatever brain cells you have and bring something that doesn’t make you seem so stupid and lazy. (see the response RTG gave, that one is intelligent and correctly counters my argument… take notes)

          • hey i just stated a fact you are gay. i would never talk bad about your mother i have a lot of respect for prostitutes they contribute to the world unlike you. have a nice day

          • Shocker, right back to a gay joke and something about my mother that made no sense… I should have known better than you having an intelligent thought… But good one man… WOW… you really got me… I guess your the winner… smh

          • Your right, im the loser… After your brain melting insults how in the world could I compete with you… Your just too smart for me… Good job winning… im sure everyone is proud of you. Bye Winner!

          • i guess you need the last word so go ahead loser leave another stupid comment im done with you. have a nice life welfare baby

        • The Nasty Boys charge $100 an hour and travel expenses, require their own room at any appearance, and charge $25 a picture. I think we can agree that Warrior is a much bigger draw than the Nasty Boys.

  1. Congratulations WARRIOR. You have just officially become the poster boy for muscle-men with no brains. Your are a role model, and a bad one at that. I hope your proud.

    • i dont think anyone looks up to the warrior anymore.

      and they never really should have hes done alot of horrible s***.

  2. warrior ur an ass hole drop dead can;t wait to kick ur ass on 2k14 with hogan savage and goldberg and everyone else ur going to be my punching bag

  3. Surprised he didnt demand a ridiculous amount of money from WWE for making that appearance liked did them in the summer of 92 before Summerslam

  4. All of you who only watched the lobsided and inaccurate “Self Destruction Of Ultimate Warrior” DVD to formulate your opinions are completely uninformed!!! Warrior requested more money because he was making a tenth of what hogan was and he was just as much of a draw! Ad it was not all of the sudden he had been asking for months prior, get your facts straight. As far as locker room issues, he was a threat to “Hulkamaia” That is it and that is all. Plenty of people respect and look up to Warrior in the business!!! Get more information other than a DVD set up to make the guy look bad… C’mon

    • the dvd was spot on the guy has done this his whole life, he is a sack of dirt. when u sign a contract to stick to the deal like a real man would

      • The contracts back then were event to event… like I said before… lets do some research before we post, ok. And “spot on” according to what? according to who? Bobby Heenan and Vince McMahon? Oh wait, Team Hogan? Spot on according to anyone who lost their spot to Warrior.

      • 1st He is NOT the only one to ever do this. 2nd Warrior had went to Vince asking for more money months prior to this incident. Both sides were wrong this is not just a 1 way street

        • I normally dont post on here but I felt it necessary. Warrior was not a threat to Hulkamania, as Hogan was taking time off, Warrior was already in line to take the WWE Title from Hogan, who hand picked him to do so. Now, I have been to many wrestling conventions, and have spoken to many wrestlers, most of which were with other companies during the year Warrior “held-up” Vince, ask them, esp the Iron Shiek, they will all tell you that Warrior did ask for more money but Vince felt it was not the time to renegotiate his contract after 2 months prior just giving him a new extended deal, plus, besides Hogan, Vince gave him a bigger percentage of licensing royalties, which at the time was unheard of, only Warrior and Hogan recieved this. Warrior hurt a lot of people in the ring, never polished his skills, even at the request of trainers backstage. Hogan supported him throughout his career, even Bret has ackowledged his association with Warrior was one that didn’t make him feel comfortable. Bret began as a tag-team specialist, just like Warrior, he then moved on to the IC title like Warrior, then during Warrior’s second run, it was said that they were gonna run a program that would put Bret vs Warrior, and out of that fued would culminate with either Bret vs Hogan or Warrior vs Hogan in a rematch to the wrestlemania classic. Warrior said he would only fued with Bret if he came out on top, his reason, him in the main event against Hogan would pay him more money, Hogan and Bret, who aren’t on good terms right now, have both acknowledged this. The fued was cancelled, Bret became WWE Champion and was expected to fight Hogan after he finished up with Yokozuna, but Hogan left and the rest is history. You can’t go strictly by a one-sided DVD, but there are a lot of truths in it that Warrior himself has recently recognized to be true. And I’m a huge fan of his, I still have my wrestling buddy from the 90’s.

          • You establish a good argument, thank you for restoring my faith in decent wrestling argumenative discussion… happy to agree to disagree with you on most of this… evenn agree with parts. Well done

          • Well played yourself. I grew up on wrestling, I actually have a house in Tampa, FL, and The Big Show is my neighbor there, so yeah, I guess you could say that it’s my life.

    • no he was always doped up high as a kite and hurting people thats y they got ride of him if it wasn;t for guys like hogan savage he would of been nothing

    • Listen “Wacky Man” as much as I would love to continue to argue with you on here and keep exposing you for the complete unimaginative moron that you are, I’m done with going to an archived report to see what you have to say. If you would like to continue to be made to feel stupid feel free to take it to twitter, follow me @BillsCampMat if you choose not to (Which would be in your best interest) I guess i’ll just let you get the last word on an article that no one is even reading any longer. If this is the last communication between us I just want to say Good luck finding yourself a wife, becoming an alcoholic and then beating your wife. Hope it all goes your way.

      • wow there is so much hate in his chat board. we all have opinions lets respect them people. i already have to deal with this idolizer guy making asshole comment on every person opinion calling them idiots etc. because he thinks everything that comes out of his mouth is the truth. but now i got to check out peoples comments on a topic and see people filling up the messege board with stupid flame wars over crap that doesnt even really matter. you people put way to much time and effort into this..hell i am right now.

        • I was just posting a counter argument, This dude decided to make it an attack… so it just deteriorated this way. I love good arguments, I hate when people cant differentiate between argument and insult like this wacky man guy.

  5. Um Jason, you do know Warrior is downloadable content right? Meaning your paying for his character, so for someone who hates him your dropping money for him. LOL

    • J West is not The Ultimate Warrior, I am also not some tool that formulate an opinion after watching 1 obviously biased DVD… I am also not someone who is just going to agree with everyone on a wrestling message board that thinks they know everything. Def not going to agree with some illiterate, one dimensional, most likely to have sex with farm animals piece of trash like wacky man. I’m not even that big of a Warrior fan… prefer him over anyone Team Hulkster, but thats about it. Just wanted to present the other side of the argument… Wacky man got so upset he probably destroyed the shrine he built for his imaginary girlfriend… that was never my intention though.


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