HOF Fans Boo Cena, The Rock Misses Ceremony?, WWE Stars Meet Bruno

– Most everyone in attendance for last night’s WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Madison Square Garden noted that the crowd was very rough at times. Donald Trump and Maria Menounos apparently received the biggest boos of the night. One fan noted that Maria looked like she was going to cry. She went long during her speech for Bob Backlund and was met with “WHAT?” chants.

When John Cena was shown on the big screen, the crowd booed him out of the building. WWE aired a Make-A-Wish video featuring Cena and even that got a very negative reaction from the crowd.

– There was a strong buzz around Bruno Sammartino backstage at the Hall of Fame last night. Many of the WWE stars were meeting Bruno for the first time ever.

– At best we can tell, WWE Champion The Rock was not in attendance for last night’s ceremony but one fan noted they spotted his mother in the crowd. Dolph Ziggler tweeted the following before last night’s ceremony about Rock:

“hey @TheRock marks would 90’s rock sit back and ‘know his role’?”

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Partial source: PWInsider

  • Lee Alexander

    Reading this article makes me sad that fans at attendence were disrespectful. This is a ceremony, not wrestling promos and such. SHow some class guys. You are representing the WWE Universe!

    • daveyisded

      The HOF is a joke and until WWE takes it serious (i.e. put people in there who are deserving and take out and stop putting people that shouldn’t be there) why shouldn’t fans just treat it as part of the story? As for booing the make a wish video, that was just uncalled for

  • tom martinez

    i don’t like cena but i respect him so STOP booing the man. he and punk are wwe’s future.you people that boo cena make me sick.yeah, let’s boo the guy because he bust his ass and because he doesn’t have fancy catch phrases or songs cause being funny makes you a great wrestler.if that was true bobby heenan would’ve been heavyweight champion of the galaxy!!! if cena loses i switch to indys and tna!!!

    • allan mccann

      Good switch we don’t care. If you don’t get why people boo cena then your not a wrestling fan. Cena is a good person who does lots of charity work and anywhere else but wrestling he would be loved. But he’s a horrible performer who only appeals to children.and as long as that continues so will the boos so quit whinning

      • Jeff Rittenour

        a TRUE wrestling fan calling another not? No just another idiot who thinks Cena is ruining the company. If Cena only appealed to kids he wouldn’t have got where he is. The PEOPLE PUT HIM THERE and he’s held the entire industry on his back for the last 8-10 years. So YOU ALLAN MCCANN just shut your mouth and try to figure out your role cuz your confused and know nothing! hahaha Today’s ‘wrestling fan’ is an idiot, plain and simple. Raised on sh*T and knows exactly that.

        • allan mccann

          carried the company..its funny cause when ever cena got injured the ratings were the same. look dude im not going to argue with oyu. i dont think cena has recked the wwe, i just dont think hes a very good wrestling, and is for sure not the best superstar of all time.like come on dude… bottom line like i said TOP FACES WHO APPARTLY CARRY THE COMPANY DONT GET BOOD OUT OF EVERY ARENA THERE IN!!! like come on. and know you role, s*** my mouth…lmao what a mark comment…how am i suppose to take you seriously. cena couldnt clean macho man’s boots, show some f***ing respect for real greats. when you say cena is the best ever…its a real insault to this bussiness.

  • allan mccann

    By the way , mic fokley is put in the hall of fame and the rock wasn’t there. The night before mania too..wow

  • Stevontte Bonnie Boo Mcclary

    Cena heel turn is coming believe it!

  • Razor

    Its the “New York State of Mind.” People in New York hate everybody. They don’t care. The WWE came home to this. If that wher me, I would never come home.

  • allan mccann


  • tom martinez

    Leave a message…allan,i’m not a true wrestling fan.are you serious.he only appeals to children so when they did a pole of the armed services,you know the people who risk their lives so idiots like you can have an opinion,say cena’s their favorite,what’s that mean.
    ? so what if kids like him half the crowd is is kids in purple.that equates buisness for wee. and allan next time you question my love for wrestling put up some cash in a trivia contest.you will be destroyed sir!!!

  • Pannsmith

    Fans are not so much booing Cena and Menounos, as what they represent. Menounos represents all the celebs who have no business being honored at a WRESTLING HOF. Carlito once ranted to Cena on RAW that guys in the locker room were happy about then-rookies like Shaemus because they represented change—change from Cena, HHH and UT hogging the main event scene, especially at Wrestlemania.

    Guess what, it’s been four years since the Carlito rant, and guess who’s STILL hogging WM? Cena, HHH and UT! The only change is that Michaels retired and had his main event slot filled by CM Punk, and the Divas get even less time. At least Rock and Stone Cold left after 5 years of buildup, but Cena just goes on, and on… No wonder WWE crowds are going insane booing Cena across the land. Move on, fool, and let some other talent get to main event/carry the company!

  • Eilene LeCheminant

    That’s because everybody is still crying because John hasn’t turned heel. Boo Hoo. Get over it.

  • Thetruth

    Vince is obviously to stupid to realize that when someone GETS BOOED EVERYWHERE THEY GO its not a GOOD THING he just must have a hearing problem when he hears BOO’s his brain translates it to cheers or he just to old to understand the difference between CHEERS AND JEERS