Hogan Wanted To Portray A Heel Against Warrior At WrestleMania VI


In a newly published interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine, TNA Wrestling Superstar Hulk Hogan claims that he had proposed to turn heel six years before he actually did in World Championship Wrestling, during the 1990 build-up to his all-babyface WWF Championship match against Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI.

“Vince and I were best friends, but when we talked about money, we were enemies,” said Hogan. “So I went [to WCW] with the red and yellow, beat Ric Flair, and Hulkamania took off again. Then, creatively, I turned into a bad guy, which I always wanted to do in the WWF, but nobody wanted me to. I always said, ‘I could be the best bad guy ever. Just let me do it’, but no-one wanted me to be a bad guy.

“At Warrior’s time, I really wanted to f–k him as a bad guy; I wanted to beat The Ultimate Warrior in Toronto, but as a heel. I just thought it would be intense, and I would be the best bad guy ever. I could have done it, and then said, ‘Forget the prayers and the vitamins, I did it for the money!’ But it’s just creative differences, and Vince knows what he’s doing, believe me. I just wanted to try something different in the WWF.”

When Hogan turned heel to form the New World Order with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash at Bash at the Beach on July 7, 1996, he was very hesitant on the career-altering maneuver. Former WCW boss Eric Bischoff stated in his 2006 autobiography, Controversy Creates Cash, that Hogan was initially dismissive toward his idea of leaving the red and yellow behind to become a villain. Then shortly after Hall and Nash became a force on WCW programming, Hogan, who had not spoken to Bischoff in months, proposed that he be the third man in the group. Up until the pay-per-view event at Daytona Beach, Bischoff was unsure if Hogan would follow-through on the idea, and had Sting agree to join the New World Order in case “The Hulkster” changed his mind at the last minute.

The six-page interview with Hulk Hogan is in Issue 91 of FSM, available now from WH Smiths and Easons in the UK and Ireland, and for iPhone/iPad and Android via FightingSpiritMagazine.co.uk.

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  1. it would have been too soon to turn heel in ’90..that was at the height of his popularity, and he would have lost his momentum. The NWO was kind of stupid in that everyone and their mother eventually joined, just like Aces and Eights is in TNA.its kind of crazy! I wonder who will be the guy that never joins and holds up against them.

    • Doesn’t matter TNA sucks, WWE sucks everyone watches TNA watches it cuz WWE became “family friendly” but in reality it blows. If ECW was around like it was in the 90’s, nobody would be watching TNA. People watch it cuz they hate the WWE and what the WWE has done to their entertainment. I have tried numerous times to watch it and fell asleep because of sheer boredom of the product. Too many has beens in their show (Hulk Hogan, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Curt Angle the Dudleys and yes even RVD has seen better days) there are a few good guys there that I like but the writing is HORRIBLE! Taz is the only decent announcer there. The rest are rejects and wouldn’t be hired for a local auction because they are so bad. .While the WWE has shown that they too make a ton of writing and poor direction decisions, they have better overall quality than TNA which is why I bear with it, I don’t like it, I wish this was still 1990 and Vince still had some ball and made it back to what it used to be. But sadly he’s playing up (down) to his level of competition. And frankly, that competition is abhorrent.

  2. i doubt that Hogan wanted that, He knew warrior was going to ” replace ” him, and didn’t want to compromise. besides, he was a heel when he was managed by freddie blassie and that sucked, doesn’t matter if it was the year 1980 or 1990……Here’s a secret : heel hogan is bollea being himself !!!!

  3. Would TNA bringing in Warrior to duel Hogan do anything for their ratings or should we expect WWE to get even more duller vying for a much young G-rated viewing audience?

  4. Probably would have been better if Hulk Hogan became a heal come Wrestlemania 5. That Macho was right that he was lusting over Elizabeth (Hogan attacks Macho instead of vice versa) or at least make him an anti-hero, where Hogan loved Liz, but wouldn’t go after her. The match would have been deeper this way a true triangle of soap opera proportions.


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