Hogan’s Contract with TNA Expiring, Hogan Not Happy Brooke’s Release

– It’s said that Hulk Hogan has not been happy with things in TNA, especially his daughter Brooke’s departure. Hogan was not happy with how TNA handled her departure, feeling that they should have informed him first and let him deal with it.

Communication between Dixie Carter and The Hulkster may have broken down around that time. The recent Impact Wrestling tapings in Cincinnati was the first time Dixie, Hogan and Eric Bischoff were together at the same time in a while.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Hogan’s contract expires on October 1st.

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Source: PWInsider

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    Bye Hogan, maybe you can talk them into a Thunder in Paradise revamp…….. Please don’t

  • Logan

    Now to get rid of Sting and Bischoff. Im suprised with how Bully Ray has florished on his own.

    • allan

      Bully ray has amazing mic skills that’s why. And I agree but what you got against sting I mean he can’t b champ no more so who cares

    • Ernie Marin

      Sting could have a supportive role, maybe manager something like that, Bully Ray is probably the first star in TNA to really come from the bottom to the top on his own merits, so far the only stupid storyline he’s been involved in was the Brooke thing, aside from that he has been on some good story lines that have allowed his talents to be used properly.

  • raul cruz

    I just hope Dixie isn’t loonie enough to offer a contract extension or something like that. Hiring Hogan was a financial and creative mistake that never bore the fruits it promised.

    • Ernie Marin

      The worst mistake she made was hired the same people that drove WCW to the ground, instead of keeping TNA original image they decided to imitate every aspect of WCW, from the stories to the very Impact set, the mere fact he Hogan’s first day on the job was removing the 6 sides ring was a sign he wanted to kill what TNA was and make it into a new WCW.

      • SmellyAssCheeks

        The six sides to the ring were stupid though. Never enjoyed the concept of it personally, although I do agree that Hogan was definitely an overpaid commodity with too much say so in a promotion that he did next to nothing for in terms of improvement.

  • Dan Iacovelli

    I think it is high time to get rid of cancer in TNA (hogan and Bischoff(the only good show that eric and jason has done is See Dad run on [email protected]),they are literally ruining TNA.
    horgan and bischoff thinks this is the 90’s, well it not.
    heard JJ is back,hopefully he can run things and maybe they bring in sam decero the man who ran the best indie fed in IL (Windy City Pro Wrestling) he can even join with kaz,daniels and roode as their manager (daniels worked with sam in wcpw before going to major feds)

    • raul cruz

      Well Jeff Jarrett also held a lot of guys back to keep himself as champion, but he was smart enough to realize where his core fan base was located and what type of wrestling they wanted to see and he gave it to them. Hogan and Bischoff ignored that demographic for a more mainstream demographic that never really cared about TNA.

  • Carter Williams

    I can only pray that if he leaves TNA he’ll stay far far far away from WWE.

  • Mr. Baker

    As a profound Hogan fan…Time to go Hulkster…BTW Brooke wasn’t interesting because she has the talent of a stump…be glad they kept her that long

    • Ralph Ramos

      LOL. That’s so f***ed up Mr Baker. Of course, I said worst about her.

  • Ralph Ramos

    The Hulksters gonna be OK. He’ll probably end up signing a legends contract with the WWE and live happily ever after. As for TNA Wrestling, I recon they will be too, if Jeff Jarrett can manage to stop stealing people’s wives and keep his D*** Johnson in his pants.

  • Ace Jorkel

    Men never a giant fan of Brooke anyway. As far Hulk is concern, I could care less where he’ll end up going should he decide to leave TNA when his contract ends. Bully Ray is one man top guy who I enjoy bringing his A game on the plate.

    Hmm why is it that every TNA archives and news that I find always happen to have WWE right up front along. TNA and WWE are complete different programs. WWE is mostly a soap drama rip off and TNA is more po’d wrestling and action that’s why it’s called Total Nonstop Action for nothing while WWE is just well WWE which is stale.

    The pissed off aggression and talent of Bully Ray over a drama queer and no talent of John Cena everyday!