‘Honor Rumble’ Announced For G1 Supercard Pre-Show At Madison Square Garden


Ring of Honor has announced that the upcoming G1 Supercard event at Madison Square Garden will feature a pre-show kicking off at 6:30 PM ET, one hour before the start of the main card on pay-per-view. More importantly, that pre-show will feature the return of the Honor Rumble.

The Honor Rumble is essentially the same thing as the WWE Royal Rumble concept, where stars enter the contest at a set interval and can only be eliminated by going over the top rope and landing with both feet on the floor below. New Japan Pro-Wrestling, who is co-promoting the event at The Garden, has a similar long-running gimmick called the New Japan Rumble.

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This will be the 8th incarnation of the Honor Rumble, which in the past has gifted the winner an opportunity to challenge for the ROH World Championship, although we cannot confirm at this time whether or not that stipulation holds true for this particular event. We do know that stars from both ROH and NJPW will be competing in the match, which means it should contain pretty much every name from both companies not booked on the main card, as well as a future surprises and returning legends.