Hornswoggle Discusses His WeeLC Match, Whether His Character Was A Child Or An Adult & Cruiserweight Championship


During an interview with Uproxx.com, Hornswoggle spoke about his character and how it was portrayed as both a child and an adult as well as his classic WeeLC match.

His character being a child and an adult:

“It was all the time. Literally, one week it was a child, the next week I was a grown-ass adult. I was drinking beer on SmackDown, getting hammered on SmackDown backstage, ’cause they just have me keep doing the takes. And it would bust, and I would bust it on purpose a couple times just so I could keep drinking the Guinness. I finished a four-pack of Guinness during a shoot; it was awesome. Bruce Prichard proceeds to go, ‘Are you drunk?’ ‘No, sir. I would never drink at work. I would never get drunk.’ He goes, ‘You’re drunk.’ I go, ‘Nah. Meh.’ He goes, ‘How about we stop drinking so much and we actually do this?’ And I go, ‘Ah, okay, I guess.’ ‘Cause we just kept topping off the beers.”

Wanting the original Cruiserweight Championship:

 “Yeah. And they never did anything with it, ever. And I just want that real title [belt]they never gave me, ’cause they always said, ‘We’re gonna bring it back.’ I said, ‘No, you’re not. You’re not gonna do that.’ I just want the real one.”

His classic WeeLC match:

“Unexpected. People expected it to be us biting each other’s asses on top of ladders. Instead, we beat the piss outta each other and ourselves. It was a lot of moving parts, man. Everyone was so excited. Everyone involved was so excited, between the agents and all the guys involved, we were so excited for everything. And I remember getting … I say it at every interview. I get to the back and didn’t get ungeared for like two hours. I was like, ‘This is so awesome.’ Easily, maybe my only standing ovation in ‘Gorilla,’ even from Vince [McMahon], which made me feel really good about myself. It was awesome. That’s the one where, if someone asks what I do, I give them that. I’ve only watched it once. It’s one of the three matches in my career I’ve watched. I’ve never watched any more than that. I don’t watch my stuff.”

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