Hot Takes and Hot Tags: Enzo Amore and Big Cass Will Be the Biggest ‘What If’ of the NXT Era

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On Tuesday afternoon, hours before SmackDown Live was set to air from Toledo, Ohio, WWE announced that Bill Morrissey, better known as Big Cass, was released from his contract, sans any wishes in his future endeavors. This came as a bit of a shock to the internet wrestling community as Cass had only been on SmackDown for two months following his return from ACL surgery. But after losing both his matches in his first feud back against Daniel Bryan, fans were left scratching their heads thinking of a possible landing spot for the seven-footer from Queens.

Cass’ release followed the release of his NXT and main roster tag-team partner Enzo Amore, who was relieved of his contract in late January following a rape accusation from October 2017, topping off a slew of backstage antics that dwindled his friend list in the locker room. Looking back only two years ago, Enzo and Cass were two of the most popular superstars on WWE television and were one of the most charismatic and popular tag-teams in recent memory. Looking back year-by-year, the team went from one of the most popular teams in NXT in 2015, to one of the most popular teams on the main roster in 2016, to being broken up and feuding with each other in 2017 to finally reaching 2018 where both were released at various points. Looking at this extreme decline, one is left to wonder just what could have been for the men who coined the term “sawft” for the WWE audience.

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Author’s Note: This article is not an attempt to romanticize either man’s character behind the curtain. Rather, it is to serve as an examination of their impact as part of the NXT generation of talent and their rise and fall on the main roster over the last two years.

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