Hot Takes & Hot Tags: Jason Jordan is About to Have a Breakout 2018


You read that right. This blog isn’t called “Hot Takes and Hot Tags” just for the alliterative play on wrestling terms. After his last few weeks on RAW, I can completely see Jordan having the best year of his career in 2018 if WWE books him in a patient and thought-out manner. Coming off a mediocre and sometimes exasperating run last year, 2018 will be a year for Jason Jordan to not only bounce back, but to thrive as a member of the RAW roster.

Jordan is entering 2018 as a tag team champion just as he entered 2017, albeit with a different partner in Seth Rollins as well as being a member of the red brand rather than the blue. After winning the SmackDown tag team championships on the last SmackDown of 2016, Jordan and his partner Chad Gable were positioned at the top of the Tuesday brand’s tag team division. But after losing their tag titles in March to the Usos, American Alpha slid into borderline-obscurity, barely being used on SmackDown television during the spring and early summer of 2017.

That changed in July, when Jordan was introduced on RAW as Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son in one of the most controversial and infamous moments on WWE television in 2017. Fans were confused by the twist in Angle’s mysterious and drama-laden storyline and were underwhelmed by the uncharismatic promos and storylines Jordan acted out and cut during his feud with The Miz as well as his fight to be included as a member of the RAW Survivor Series team. Fans just couldn’t find a reason to get behind Jordan based purely on the storyline revelation of living up to his new-found father’s name, his above-average wrestling skills and a can-do attitude.

As seen over the course of the last month, WWE seems to be moving Jordan’s personality in a new direction. He’s transitioning from a Rocky Maivia-esque “Blue Chipper” babyface into more of an over-exuberant rookie trying to prove he’s on par with main eventers like Rollins and Roman Reigns. If a heel verbally slights him (or his father), Jordan suddenly gets defensive and prone to attack his perceived offender like he did Luke Gallows on RAW this past week. On top of that, he’s starting to drop some very Angle-esque and unbelievably corny dialogue on television like his “Champions Club” line on RAW to the Bālor club.

Jordan probably won’t be in this milquetoast face role for much longer, and all signs point to him turning heel (most likely on his partner Rollins) sometime between now and Wrestlemania. This is where I think he will thrive on RAW in the upper-mid card if they utilize him effectively. He needs to play up the entitlement and nepotism as loud as it will go and become an over-confident, spotlight-stealing center-of-attention who wants everything handed to him without “earning it” like other faces on the roster. He wants all the pride and glory without any of the work that has to be put in. (I.E., in the case of Reigns and Rollins, being a main roster mainstay for years and competing in hundreds of matches against all kinds of wrestlers for several RAW titles).

Even though the likeliest victim of a full Jordan heel turn appears to be Rollins, the endgame of his turn should be against his father in Angle. Jordan could feel like his father is holding him back or that Angle hasn’t given him all the opportunities he possibly can as general manager of RAW. Of course, they can always go with the tried and true storyline of Angle never being there for Jordan while the latter was growing up and Jordan can lash out at Angle as a form of releasing 20+ years of built-up resentment. Although Kurt looked a little injured and diminished during this past year’s Survivor Series main event match, Jordan is a competent wrestler who could lead Kurt to a solid payoff match without causing too much stress on Angle’s 49-year-old frame. Regardless if they decide to pull the trigger on this match at Wrestlemania or hold off on it until later in the year, this will be Jordan’s brightest and best opportunity to make a name for himself as an upper-card player.

Does his character development involve Kurt Angle turning heel too? I think it could work either way with Angle staying a respectable face or by him turning heel, as well. You can have Kurt acting like a disappointed father not giving Jordan what he wants so that he continues to act more like a spoiled, entitled brat. Or, a newly heel Kurt could start acting nepotistic toward his son, restarting matches if he loses and giving him seemingly undeserved title matches.

For fans of The Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network almost 20 years ago, picture Jason Jordan as Princess Morbucks. She is rich, entitled and gets anything and everything she asks her extremely wealthy father for. After meeting the Powerpuff Girls, she becomes obsessed with their superpowers and the idea of becoming the fourth Powerpuff Girl. The girls turn down her request and Morbucks runs home crying to her father, spinning a false yarn about not getting what she wants. Her father then gives her larger and larger sums of cash for her to buy new armor and weapons to compete against the trio, albeit coming up short each time.

Ideally, Jordan would be a cross between circa-2000 Kurt Angle and Princess Morbucks. This might be asking a lot of Jordan to replicate the charisma of one of the most entertaining superstars of the last 20 years, but I think in this role, Jordan will be able to come into his own with some annoying-yet-captivating promos and backstage segments on RAW. The fans may grow to hate him even more than they do now, but in turning heel, he can be built as a foe for a face like Reigns, Rollins or even Bālor to overcome and shut up.