House Of Hardcore Attendance #’s, The Sandman Backstage?



— Both House of Hardcore events this weekend drew in the range of 1,300 people. The promotion was happy with the attendance. Philadelphia ticket sales were reportedly slow early but picked up in the last week. There was also a decent walk-up crowd.

— The Sandman reportedly showed up in Poughkeepsie on Friday, even though Tommy Dreamer had never booked him for the show. Sandman was written in as a result. Dreamer often jokes that Sandman is his “lucky charm.”

— The TrueTV show Impractical Jokers filmed a segment on Friday at House of Hardcore 4 in Poughkeepsie, NY. This was the national TV show Dreamer referenced. The producers wanted to shoot a pro wrestling-based segment for a while, and they reached out to Dreamer after a scheduled shoot with Extreme Rising fell through when Rising canceled their final events in Philadelphia. The premise is that three comedians put a fourth person into an embarrassing situation to see how far he goes as they feed instructions to him via an earpiece. The producers were reportedly thrilled with how the show will come across when its edited.

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