How Elias and Bayley Can Be The Main Story of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge

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It’s become pretty clear over recent weeks that Elias is no longer the superstar that everybody cannot stand. He has now become one of the more entertaining acts on Monday Night Raw, which is supported by the fact he has been the recipient of some positive crowd reactions. Now, he tags with Bayley in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge, and this team has the potential to create a rather interesting story.

Elias is one of the NXT graduates who many saw as nothing more than filler for WWE’s number one television show, Raw. While that has been true to an extent, he has slowly won over the doubters with some solid in-ring work, and with some very entertaining pre-match antics.

One of the keys to Elias’s steady rise is his willingness to engage with the crowd and allowing them to be a part of his act. Also, cheeky one-liners such as “I would rather drown myself a mile below the ocean then live here” will only generate boos for so long before finally winning over the fans.

I also witnessed this newfound appreciation for Elias live and in-person at a WWE live event in London. Elias allowed the crowd to get involved by singing a song which must have been popular as the majority of the crowd was singing along, only for him to then switch back to being a villain and telling them all to be quiet while he sings. The fans did boo him, but the crowd participation was very strong.

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