How I fell in love with wrestling

Wrestling was not love at first sight for me unfortunately, but when I fell for it I fell hard. I grew up with a family that considered wrestling the male version of a soap opera. What little I knew about it came mostly from friends older brothers or bits I would see on TV here and there ( I remember the Randy Savage commercials but I didn’t know his name). In fourth grade I had a friend who was a die hard fan and wore his Austin 3:16 shirt religiously but, despite being considered “one of the guys”, he never talked about wrestling with me.
During what I later learned was the Attitude Era I heard the catch phrases daily, saw the DX Suck It being done all over school, and could name a handful of wrestlers (literally I knew 5 wrestlers; Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, and Sting) yet I didn’t really get it. It seemed silly to me but I hadn’t SEEN it yet.
Then when I got to high school it was like suddenly everyone forgot about wrestling and started paying attention to other things. Fast forward to college and I finally got my first real taste of wrestling and it was glorious. A close friend was a fan and invited me to watch RAW and Smackdown every week. Soon I was hooked. Being kind of a weird person myself I instantly became a Jeff Hardy fan. I tried to pick up on moves and remember whos music was whos but almost as quickly as it started it ended. Adulting got in the way as I took a job after school. We weren’t cool enough to have a DVR at the time, my family was always behind with technology, so I stopped watching.
I met my husband in a Gamestop so I knew he was a video game nerd, I am too hence being in Gamestop,but low and behold he turned out to be a huge wrestling fan as well. And when I say huge I mean he has a few hundred collectables, all the games, and quite a few shirts. He had been watching since he was a kid and was practically an encyclopedia of wrestling knowledge, which of course he owned as well. A few months after we started dating he told me he always had friends over for the big PPVs and wanted me to come watch the Royal Rumble, to which I replied Hell Yeah!
Royal Rumble 2012 was when I fell in love with wrestling. I didn’t know most of the wrestlers, had no idea what the storylines or set ups for the matches were, and didn’t know anything about the rumble itself ( my ignorance was so bad I did’t even realize “Let’s get ready to rumble ” was from a different promotion all together) but I was absorbed in all of it.
I needed to know who everyone was, what their moves were, who feuded with who, how long they had been wrestling, everything. I started watching RAW and smackdown weekly but it wasn’t enough (yes we finally got a DVR). Soon he had me watching TNA, which he hadn’t followed in a few years. I loved it all, the good and the bad, and there was periods of a lot of bad. We also got into NJPW, Lucha Underground, and ROH within the next few years.
Each show was slightly different and the variety kept my excitement going. I got involved with wrestling forums, followed backstage news, created a twitter mainly to follow wrestlers, and looked up indie matches on youtube. I couldn’t get enough. I was a little sad that I took so long to find this passion because I wanted to be in that ring doing these amazing things.
When the WWE Network launched it wasn’t even a question about whether or not to get it, I had to see everything I had been missing for years. Particularly WCW, it ended years before I started watching and I couldn’t wait to finally see what is arguably one of the best periods in wrestling. In fact we just came to the end of WCW and I have now seen everything from the 90s-2001 that was WCW and WWF, I have to say there’s a bit of a void where WCW was in my schedule. I’m sad it’s over despite how bad some of it got towards the end.
However, this is an exciting time for wrestling and I have loads of thoughts and opinions that I hope to share with other wrestling fans. My goal is to share my love through these posts so I hope they are enjoyed. Thanks for reading. -kat