How Long Is Daniel Bryan Expected To Be Out?

Daniel Bryan’s injury is not as serious as it was played up to be on RAW this week. As noted, he is expected to have minimally invasive surgery on Thursday.

Accord to WWE sources, Bryan will be out six to eight weeks but it could be less. They will know more after the surgery on Thursday.

More as we get it.

Source: The Wrestling Observer

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  • Graham Nicol

    Any type of neck surgery is risky even for the smallest thing

  • Ronald Ryan

    So does this mean we a battle royal or a tournament for wwe world title

  • RJinAZ

    With the beatings he’s taken its a surprise this didn’t happen sooner and more serious.

  • allan

    i love daniel but if hes out more then 4 weeks he should be striped everyone else has in the past plus the title should be defended at the ppvs