How Long Might Bray Wyatt Be Out of Action?, More on His Status


– We noted before that Bray Wyatt appeared at Sunday’s WWE live event in Philadelphia and while he did not wrestle, he sat at ringside as Erick Rowan and Luke Harper defeated Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Wyatt actually watched the match from his rocking chair but it was not at ringside like usual, it was left at the top of the ramp.

After The Wyatt Family’s victory, Bray had to lean on Rowan and Harper for assistance as they made their way backstage. reports that word is Bray may be out of the ring for a month.

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          • Why do all you “Die Hard” fans always have to call people morons or douchebags just because they don’t like everything in the WWE? That’s sad

          • Maybe because you have no clue as to what over is or know a good gimmick or talent when you see it. Or maybe its because you act like a troll on this site all the time, just saying everything is bad, just to get a rise out of people. Maybe he called you a douchebag for reason. No one wants to see your crappy opinions.

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          • No one said don’t comment, but don’t be surprised and butt hurt when people call you names when you post ignorant crap.

          • Gee you people sure love your wrestling don’t you? I’m not surprised one bit. …… Question, why is ignorant to not like something

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          • Lmao you know nothing he’s got amazing promo skills look at fcw and nxt promos there amazing so has everyone he’s cut he’s also a good wrestler too, he get a huge reaction from the crowd its like cape fear its an amazing gimmic and every superstar and legend has put him over big time from Foley to Jr from Jericho to regal from Austin to hbk you name it , he’s doing very well even if you don’t like him he’s gonna be huge and your just wrong dude that y people can’t stand your responses also they seem hateful cause I mean he’s doing well so he can’t be the worst.

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          • Well Mr. DeAngelo, I completely disagree with your assessment of Bray Wyatt. However, you have every right to your opinion. You should be allowed to state your opinion (in a respectful manner) without being subjected to derogatory comments.

          • I must agree with Mikey you have the right to post your opinion but also agree with the rest about Bray Wyat he is one of a kind performer as far of the rest don’t care to comment,

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  1. The character is great and more creative than anything wwe has done recently dont like it if you want but its far from a s***ty charatcer


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