How Many Days Has Jake Roberts Been Sober?, Ryback Resets Twitter

– After relapsing several weeks ago, Jake “The Snake” Roberts says he’s moving on. He has gone 33 days completely sober. He noted on Twitter that he’s been 254 days without any cocaine.

– Ryback deleted all of his tweets once again. Shortly after deleting them, he posted these messages:

“Wake up you FeedMeMorons! I’m back, so all you low life negative thought producing wastes of space have a hero to tell you how much you suck”

“Pathetic complainers. If I sat around and was miserable I too would just critique everyone else in the world who ruled. #FeedMeMorons”

“Negativity towards me will be blocked. If you cannot handle the truth just get lost. Those who want it come get it. The big guy gets his way”

Backstage News on Huge Future Plans for Ryback….

  • allanmccann

    “Negativity towards me will be blocked” well might as well delete your twitter account cryback

    • Idolizer

      That’s right, just play into his character like the b**** sheep that you are… Pathetic…

  • Josh Cervera

    “Negativity towards me will be blocked” lol so true. looks like the “truth”is getting to him lol