How Many UFC Fights Does Brock Lesnar Have Left in Him?

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After Wrestlemania thirty-four, the last thing we expected to hear was Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE. While the length of this new contract remains a mystery, it does not really change the fact that the UFC is still in Brock’s future. The biggest question might be – how many fights will Brock have in the UFC?

Out of the last five, Brock Lesnar fights in the UFC, four of them drew over one million pay-per-view buys. It’s an example of just how valuable ‘the beast’ can be, especially when you consider the fact that the UFC has not hit the one million mark since Ronda Rousey’s last fight in December of 2016.

Brock is a ‘slam dunk’ for the UFC, as it practically guarantees a million PPV buys. Also, with his limited WWE schedule, he has remained healthy and injury free over the last few years. However, despite all the positives, Brock is still a forty-one-year-old man. He has still only competed inside the octagon once in the last seven years.

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I am not saying the UFC should turn down the chance to bring in a huge superstar, they absolutely should not. However, this is only a quick fix for the world’s premier MMA organization. It’s quite clear that the ‘beast incarnate’ only has short amount time left to compete in the cage. And with the heavyweight division even stronger than it was seven years ago, stepping back into the cage sounds like a daunting task for the WWE Universal Champion.

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