How Much Did WWE Pay ‘Zeus’?, + Regal Promotes WWE

— According to the LAW, WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine has been pulled from the Legends of the Ring convention this weekend due to the passing of his daughter. We send our condolences to the family and friends of Valentine. recently did an interview with actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister. Many wrestling fans would know him as “Zeus.” In the article, Zeus claims WWE paid him $56,000 to appear at SummerSlam, $17,000 to appear on Saturday Night’s Main Event, $40,000 to appear at No Holds Barred: The Match and $35,000 to appear at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. He said: “I ain’t really into putting my hand up in between some dude’s legs. Vince McMahon was a great negotiator. He would already wire the money into my account before he even started [negotiating]. Who’s going to say no? You’re going to take $56,000 out of your checking account?”

— William Regal wrote on Twitter that he is back in the United States after doing promo work for WWE in Dubai. He wrote:

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