How Much Has Vince McMahon’s Net Worth Grown During COVID-19 Pandemic?


The Middletown Press has a new report out looking at Connecticut billionaires and the troubling growth of their fortunes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon is featured in the piece, as the sports entertainment mogul saw his total net worth increase 9.8% from $1.8 billion in March, at the onset of the pandemic in the United States, to $1.98 billion in June.

The article also states that an estimated 400,000 individuals in the state of Connecticut alone have lost their jobs over the course of the past three months, as a result of the coronavirus.

WWE and McMahon came under heavy fire in April after releasing or furloughing numerous on-screen and off-screen talents in a move they claimed was due to COVID-related budget cuts. In total the company claimed the layoffs would save them $4 million per month, while opening up about $40 million in available cash flow.