How Was This Week’s WWE RAW Viewership?


– According to ShowBuzz Daily, this week’s WWE RAW episode featuring Brock Lesnar in the opener and Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon in the closing, drew 3.232 million viewers.

This number is up 0.5% from last week’s 3.216 million viewers.

* First hour drew 3.176 million viewers
* Second hour drew 3.323 million viewers
* Final hour drew 3.197 million viewers

RAW was #2 on cable for the night in viewership, behind The O’Reilly Factor.

RAW was #2 on the night in the 18-49 demographic, behind Love & Hip-Hop.

Previous Viewership:

– February 13th Episode: 3.087 million viewers
– February 20th Episode: 3.216 million viewers
– February 27th Episode: 3.093 million viewers
– March 6th Episode: 3.216 million viewers
– March 13th Episode: 3.232 million viewers


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