How WWE Made Up For Ronda Rousey’s Raw Absence, New John Cena ‘Auto Geek’, Styles vs Shane at ‘Mania (Videos)


WWE has released the above video.

Hellbent on respect, AJ Styles slugs it out with SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

How WWE Made Up For Ronda Rousey’s Raw Absence

As seen on WWE Raw last night, despite WWE announcing last week that Ronda Rousey would be appearing on every Raw heading into WrestleMania 34, Rousey was not on Raw, and instead, WWE aired video packages hyping her match against The Authority at WrestleMania.

According to fans in attendance for Raw, WWE handed out Snickers candy bars at the end of the show as a way to make up for Rousey’s absence in Detroit:

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New John Cena ‘Auto Geek’

Below is the latest episode of John Cena’s “Auto Geek” web series:

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