Huge Chris Jericho Match Announced for Rager at Sea, Shane McMahon Throws Kane Into Fire 15 Years Ago (Video)


WWE has released the video above from an episode of Raw in 2003 when Shane McMahon and Kane brawled backstage and ended with Kane in a pit of fire. Today marks 15 years since the brawl took place.

Huge Jericho Match Announced for Rager at Sea

Chris Jericho’s time away from WWE has been full of wrestling dream matches and never-thought-we’d-see-it moments. One of the bigger items on Jericho’s agenda, the Rock N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea, is essentially an ALL IN-style event on a cruise ship. The card for that event just got a major boost with the announcement that Jericho will be teaming with the Young Bucks to take on Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and Marty Scurll in what is being dubbed Alpha Club vs. Bullet Club.