Huge Praise Backstage For WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal


Jinder Mahal has been receiving a lot of praise backstage for his work ethic since returning to WWE last year. Those close to him have said he is taking this run very seriously and is “working his ass off” to get noticed by WWE officials. His work has apparently paid off as he is challenging for the WWE Championship at Backlash.


  1. Seriously, the guy is just roided up. He does not have any charisma, mic skills or actual pure wrestling ability. He lost to Finn Balor clean in less than 10 minutes all but a week ago. I just don’t buy it.

    • lmao he lost to fin balor like wrestling is real and not scripted you must be a john cena hulk hogan lover. Jinder isnt roided up if they suspended roman reigns for roids jinder would of been suspneded long time ago. I suggest you watch him when he first came to WWE almost 10 years ago. Man learn something son


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