Hulk Hogan Arm Wrestles Mayor Rob Ford

Hulk Hogan took a dive in a publicity arm wrestling match against Mayor Rob Ford that was set up to promote Hogan’s “Uncensored” Fan Expo in the area. Here is a photo of Hogan with Ford following the arm-wrestling match:

Post Arm Wrestling Photo of Hulk Hogan with Mayor Ford

CTV in Canada published a piece on the event, which is available at this link.

A Hilarious Hulk Hogan Commercial for Arby’s….

  • JonathanCollins

    With the “job” he’s done with TNA. the only thing to ask him and Bischoff at Uncensored is how they can draw a paycheque with what they haven’t done in TNA.

  • Ralph Ramos

    TNA is a work in progress. Let’s face it. There’s no Hulk Hogan of 1984, no Roc, John Cena, or CM Punk there. There’s nobody that the fans wanna really get behind. Its gonna take some time before they start moving forward.

    • allan

      no way i mean think about it if cena started in tna in 2002 to today he wouldnt be half as big as say aj styles if he was in wwe. its all about where you get to show off more. but for the record tna has such amazing talent alot of people are behind.