Hulk Hogan Coming Out of Retirement?, New Champion Crowned on Impact

– Mickie James defeated Velvet Sky on tonight’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling to capture the TNA Knockouts title for the third time in her career. Here is a photo of her holding the Championship Title belt following her victory.

impact photos 0029

– Hulk Hogan teased the possibility of coming out of retirement prior to tonight’s Impact tapings in Tampa.

“You never say never, brother,” Hogan told the Orlando Sentinel. “The only thing the doctors know is what they know. They don’t know what The Big Man Upstairs says, and I’m on His team. Anything is possible. I still get the itch to get in (the ring) and I still love the business.”

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  • AK

    oh C*R*A*P if he comes again ….. then we’ll have to see his overselling again his name should be HULK CRAPAMANIA

    • allan mccann

      he cant oversell anything…. come to think of it hes barley bumped in the last 15 years lol

  • allan mccann

    hogan needs to get his ego in check. its over dude. damn no one wants to see him compete. see this is why i respect hbk so much. he retired in great shape and on top and stayed retired and he has a million times the love for wrestling hogan does

  • hbkwm14

    Hollywood HBK quote: “Cramp, Cramp, Cramp, Cramp”

    Hogan should of stayed in retirment after Brock Lesnar. It was a great match. He would of still come out looking strong by not giving up. Brock had to literally break him. Slightly glad he didn’t cause I did like Shawn Vs Hogan


    Hogan is finished. Sorry but the guy refused to bump with HBK. And refused to even take a loss when EVERYONE knew the wrestler that was in better shape.. the guy that was sticking around.. was HBK. So glad shawn oversold all his b.s moves. Hogan is a legend but at this point even his biggest fans realize him wrestling is doing more bad than good to his legacy. He’s going to end up leaving as the old man that over stayed his welcome.

    *hbk voice*