Hulk Hogan Expected to Sign WWE Deal Soon, More on His Return

– There is now a deal in place for Hulk Hogan to return to WWE and he’s expected to sign any time now.

As late as last Monday night going into Tuesday night before the Network announcement on Wednesday, officials in WWE’s TV department were aware of Hogan’s return and were preparing to reveal him along with the Network presentation. At one point, mentions of Hogan returning were written into the script that WWE used on the teleprompter at the Network event in Las Vegas.

One person in the know speculated that he wasn’t announced with the Network because bringing Hogan back at the same time the Network is announced may have made Hogan seem bigger when all of the attention needed to be on the Network.

Hogan will be appearing at WrestleMania XXX in some fashion.

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Source: PWInsider

  • The huntress in the night

    How about at ringside watching?

  • Mike Arienti

    What value does Hogan bring to today’s product? Yes, he’s a household name but he can’t wrestle (can barely walk now) so having him appear for an angle would serve no purpose as it can’t build to a future match.

    • Carter Williams

      Jimmy Hart seems confident Hogan can have one last match. IF he did wrestle one more time it would have to be someone willing to carry him the whole match. Also, they would have to not mind losing at the end since he can’t do much and you know Hogans ego wouldn’t let him come back to lose. For some reason I have a bad feeling Vince might try to do a WrestleMania 6 rematch between Hogan and Warrior….*shudder*

    • TONY

      are you out of your mind. hulk hogan made wrestlemania made wrestling what it is today.He deserves more than what he is getting . you must be a young buck not knowing history to make a comment like that.smh

      • Mike Arienti

        I’m older than Hulkamania, actually. Yes, he has done a lot for wrestling but the most he can do now is flex, tear a tee shirt and cut a promo. His days of ring action are over.

  • Timothy Graham

    Hulkamania has come crashing down and it does hurt inside. Give up Double H.