Hulk Hogan No Longer Advertised for Bound for Glory


TNA has removed advertisements on their website claiming that Hulk Hogan will be appearing at their Bound for Glory pay-per-view event this Sunday Night.

As noted before, Hogan’s contract with the company expired back on October 1st and while the two parties are negotiating a new deal, nothing has been signed yet.

Brooke Hogan’s Wardrobe Malfunction…..


  1. I Hope Hogan comes back to the WWE and wrestles Cena at Wrestle Mania 30 or 31 . Whenever the Hulkster can have a fixed back .

  2. That’s cool. I plan to attend Bound For Glory and Hogan was the last reason for that. His presence there did little or nothing for TNA anyway. He was great at one time, but he can’t wrestle any more. And he sure as hell can’t manage a league of wrestlers. I want to see the big X Division match, as well as Ray vs AJ for the TNA title. I expect both matches to be barn burners. Plus Kurt Angle vs Bobby Rood should be good too. I can’t wait for Sunday!

  3. I love Hogan. My respect to him 100%. But his presence in TNA is nothing more than a big pop from the crowd already there. In WCW it was Hall and Nash combined with him for NWO that worked. Not just Hogan. The Hulkster needs to go back to the WWE. There he is a powerhouse. A huge star and a major draw.

  4. Wow see people liking TNA its real good wanna see the show survive but Hogan is just sinking it more, like Hogan but to much like HHH always wanting the spot light, TNA needs to keep it fresh and it will grow specially if they keep putting this great shows on bring back the original Knockouts an merge with ROH an have Cornett run it.

  5. I must be the only one who doesn’t want to see hogan anywhere in general. I sure as s*** don’t want to see him “wrestle”

  6. Hulkster did nothing for TNA, but to take a sinking ship like TNA, and sink it lower than its ever been; which is why Jeff Jarrett got out which is a huge reason why RVD jumped ship, which is why Sting is looking to sign with WWE in time for Mania, and a huge reason why Sting may sign with WWE, because his buddy Ultimate Warrior will be inducted this year into Hall of Fame.

    Hulkster claims he has one last match in him, Vince does owe Hulk for putting WWE on map and becoming a Billion Dollar industry, give Hogan his “Last match”, there are a few that they can put him in a “last match” with; CM Punk, Randy Orton who can signify his moniker as “The Legend Killer” and have him kill Hulkamania for good, or you can put Hogan in a match with Vince’s Golden Boy, Cena.. Anyways wherever Hogan ends up he will always work the mic very well.


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