Hulk Hogan No Longer Under Contract with TNA, Update on AJ Styles


– As of yesterday, Hulk Hogan is no longer under contract with TNA. Both sides are still in negotiations but nothing is official as of this writing. TNA really wants to keep Hogan but it comes down to money.

Regarding AJ Styles’ status, he is locked in through the end of December after signing a contract extension. They have not started contract negotiations past that and likely won’t until after Bound For Glory.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. Hey Haters… .Lets see where TNA is by the end of October…. like i said, Hogan had to go, they can’t survive with him. The real question is are Bischof Hervey Productions still on the job?

  2. The Hulksters gone from TNA
    Now Better Days will come their way
    The debacle is no longer so bad
    Its fixable, understand.
    If they dump Hervey and Bishoff
    They can start to build this thing up.
    Bring in a fresh face, not another WCW disgrace.
    You have the building blocks like AJ, Joe, and Hernandez to build
    Bring in a top free agent or 2, and it will be a Super thrill.
    But if you bring in another WWE hack
    You will be breaking your momas back.

    • does kurt angle and hardy and bully and bubba count as wwe hacks. what about chavo, anderson could possibly be a hack. what about sabu

      • I know your referring to RR’s comments.
        Hogan and Hervey Bischoff only bring bad things.
        The other WWE guys were good investments, but HOGAN and the WCW crew… that’s the problem. Ex WWE isn’t the problem, it’s Ex WCW. They got rid of the 6 sided ring and 6 sides of steel then all the good talent that made the show special.

  3. As Much as people hated Hogan in TNA, he was a name. Granted he is no longer in his prime but they had their highest numbers when Hogan tagged in a match last year.

    Hogan joined TNA mainly to give his talentless daughter a face since she sucks as a singer.

    Bottom line, Hogan is WWE/WWF bred, and if they do bring him back for last run, and yes it will probably be a final run in WWE, it will culminate at wrestlemania. TNA is also preparing for Sting’s departure, because he wants to be in wwe when they induct his steroids buddy the ultimate warrior in HOF, already checked, warrior is a lock for HOF unless he says and does something stupid.

  4. TNA finally lost the heavy baggage.

    Hogan lovers want to defend Hogan saying he still has a name, and TNA paid him a LOT of money to use his name to promote TNA. Sadly Hogan would rarely mention TNA in interviews unless it was directly related to himself. That was the principle reason TNA hired him, because they felt he would bring mainstream exposure to TNA, however Hogan never did that. So if you hire someone to do a job and he isn’t doing it do you keep paying him to not do his job or do you let him go?

    TNA doesn’t need Hogan. They are like WWE junkies, thinking they need former WWE stars in their roster when they have always had talented individuals in their roster already.


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