Hulk Hogan Not Returning to the Ring?

Hulk Hogan contradicted his statement he made earlier this week regarding a possible in-ring return. A fan asked Hogan on Twitter to return for one more match, Hogan replied, “my body is too beat up my brother HH”

Earlier this week Hogan wrote, “Perfect timing to start serious training again,last time around the block for me so this is gonna be really intense,transformation time. HH”

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  • Travelers2013

    The issues HH has with his back…it would be beyond risky for him to get back into the ring. All it would take is one wrong bump and he could end up in a wheelchair.

  • Stevontte Bonnie Boo Mcclary

    Just a old dog barking just to bark that’s all.

  • delrvich

    Hire Nash and Hall to reunite the NWO!