Hulk Hogan Pitches nWo Return?

Hulk Hogan appeared at a signing earlier today in New York. He wrote the following about his appearance on his Twitter account:

“Totally freaked out how good and in shape Big Kev,Scott”amazing”,XPac are in, with Hollywood we could rule the world again or take on any”.

Hulk later added, “Great day in NY,the fans have nothing but love,but they all ask the same question,brother! HH. ps,I’m feeling the energy”.

As noted earlier, Hulk Hogan is currently looking for work.

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  • Jeremey Potter

    Please…NWO vs. The Shield

    • Shaun Simpson

      Please no lol. Not judging..if thats your thing groovy..I feel Shield Vs. nWo would somehow cheapen The Shield.

      • Zuckerton

        Yeah. Take three of the best young talent in the WWE today and make them job to a group of three men that passed their prime twenty years ago, that’ll go over well.

  • Ozzy TYSON

    WWE is wanting GOLDBERG to face Ryback at WrestleMania. And THE UNDERTAKER to put The Streak on the line versus Lesnar. I have not talked to ONE SINGLE FAN who is happy about this. Why book two potentially huge matches at the biggest show of the year… that we’ve pretty much seen ten years ago? Let’s face it – GOLDBERG vs Ryback? How different really would that be from GOLDBERG vs Lesnar? And I’m about the only person I know who thought that match was even tolerable. GOLDBERG HIMSELF said in an interview with a Miami Herald reporyer a few months ago that he had no interest in wrestling Ryback, and that if he did come back, the only two guys he wants to face are Stone Cold… and THE UNDERTAKER. If DA MAN is going to come back for one match, what bigger match than versus THE PHENOM at WrestleMania? Let Ryback face Sheamus or Big Show. Either would be a great match. Let Lesnar take on Orton. THAT would be a GREAT match. If you feel the same way – that WWE should put together GOLDBERG VS THE DEADMAN at WM XXX – then we need to START RAISING HELL.

    • Zuckerton

      I’ve talked to quite a few fans who would love to see Lesnar vs Taker at WM. I detest Goldberg, that man has NEVER had a good or even decent match. He can’t wrestle for crap and he is very unprofessional.

      Lesnar has had great matches with Triple H and CM Punk this past year and I would love to see Taker vs Lesnar.

      The Streak match idea that has gotten the most hate from fans that I’ve talked to is Taker vs Cena.

      • Ozzy TYSON

        Every wrestler has their haters. Shawn Michaels. Kurt Angle. Even THE UNDERTAKER. You are the first GOLDBERG hater I’ve come across on this discussion, after posting on a LOT of sites and getting PLENTY of responses. Lesnar, on the other hand – I don’t know anybody who’s happy with his return. Not that he hasn’t produced a couple of good brawls. But that’s kinda the point – Couple. Of brawls. The guy left WWE ten years ago to pursue football, leaving us with a disappointing match (No, that was NOT all GOLDBERG’s fault) then walks back in like fans should just be ecstatic to see him again, and he’s raw as HELL. Thus the brawls – he’s lost a LOT of his in-ring polish. Fine, he’s “supposed” to be that way. But he needs to get off his pedestal and contribute more than RVD. Or even as much. To be honest, y’know who the #2 choice I’ve found people want face THE PHENOM at WM? Sting.

        • Zuckerton

          I know many Goldberg haters and it’s for a good reason. Goldberg was unprofessional, he’s the one that kicked Bret Hart in the head and ended the in-ring career of one the best wrestlers in the industry.

          Goldberg left after his WM match with Lesnar as well.

          And if you want to talk “pedestals”, Goldberg’s the one who refused to lose clean to ANYBODY.

          And of course people want to see Sting vs Undertaker, that’s no surprise. It’s been a “dream match” since 1996.

          • Ozzy TYSON

            Well, if you really wanna get into particulars: A: Yeah, GOLDBERG kicked Bret Hart in the face. And somebody didn’t make sure Owen’s rig was set up right. And who’s to blame for Sid not landing right when he jumped off that turnbuckle? Sh*t happens. B: GOLDBERG NEVER refused to lose. That was WCW management’s decision. Know who one of their head writers was from the time of the stungun incident til Vince Russo’s reign, during which time GOLDBERG never got the belt back? C: The guy was doing stuff in the ring – oddly enough – a lot like the way Lesnar is performing now. And conventional wrestlers weren’t used to that. GOLDBERG was one of the first guys, especially of his size and power, to utilize MMA-style moves in his repertoire. D: A lot of the “crappy” matches the guy had wete because it got to the point where almost every match he was in involved run-ins and cheats. Like the vast majority of Hart’s matches before he left WWE involved run-ins and interference from the Hart foundation. That’s the business.

  • Ralph Ramos

    The NWO isn’t going to make anybody wanna watch Hogan again. Hulk Hogan and the NWO are about as interesting as his Celebrity Wrestling show he did a few years back. Go away, Hogan, go away.

  • scott

    Wyatts vs The Shield
    Taker vs Lesnar
    Orton vs Punk – WWE title
    Goldberg vs Ryback
    Hogan vs Warrior
    Bryan vs Cena with a Bella in each corner – World title
    HHH vs McMahon (or substitute … Show/Austin)
    Cody vs Goldust
    AJ vs Stephanie – Divas title
    Then there’s the US, Tags and Intercontinental titles if they can fit them in.

    Real Americans vs Usos vs Latodre(sp?) …. the bull fighting guys
    Sheamus vs Big E
    Barrett vs Miz

    • Ozzy TYSON

      A month or so ago, WWE reportedly was planning on adding a fourth member to The Shield. They’ve gone from that to babyface-turning Reigns, now they’re supposed to be fast-tracking that. Why is it WWE can’t seem to have an interest in keeping a popular faction together? I know a LOT of people who were looking forward to Legacy being a force in the business for a WHILE. It was a GREAT idea. Hell, plenty fans say now they would’ve loved to see Curt Axel added to Legacy. Like the tag team division – why is it filled with paired-ip single competitors? The Usos are the only TRUE tag team. Hmmm…