Hulk Hogan Re-tweets WWE Fan Comments, Retro Usos and Reigns Photo


– Former WWE Superstar Rikishi tweeted this old photo of The Usos and Roman Reigns:

“Snap myrtle grove eagles .. throwback of jimmy Joey & roman reigns .. Athlete’s from the start”

Usos and Reigns

– Hulk Hogan has been re-tweeting supportive messages from his Twitter followers, including several tweets about WWE:

“@HulkHogan go back to @wwe #full circle #legacy”

“If @HulkHogan returns to WWE, that will definitely renew my interest in them again.”

“It’s very simple you can’t have a REAL Wrestlemania without @HulkHogan. It’s like church without the pope! @WWE #bringhoganback”

“@TripleH Bring @HulkHogan back to the WWE. It’s what’s #BestforBusiness.”

“@HulkHogan please comeback to @WWE”

Rare Photo of the Bella Twins at a Young Age….


  1. Renew my interest in wwe if hogans there… I hate wrestling fans so much some times its there fault Goldberg might come back too.

  2. “we don’t wanna see you, your time is done!” just hang up the boots and go ride your motor boat. Hulk Hogan stopped being good for business about 8 months into the NWO thing in WCW.

  3. Can you idiots actually say that if he returned, it wouldn’t give wwe a much needed shot in the arm and gain some interest that had been lost? Stop hating! Get out of your mom’s basements and get a life. Hulk belongs in the company that he and vince made. Can he wrestle any more,… But could he be something like what he has been doing in tna? Even you haters must admit,..,, he’d be sooooo much better than the two current GMs. Or put him with some youg talent to help develop them. There are many things he can still do at a high level. I get tired of hearing you idiotic haters. Why do you hate him so much? Do you really have a good reason? Wrestling, to be successful, needs a mix of various age and talents to be a good product. He can add to that mix very well. Enough said. I’m sure many of you won’t agree. Maybe after you get over your case of cerebral-rectal inversion, (think real hard as to what this means) you’ll understand some of this.

    • I like a guy with a lot to say lol. Basement dwellers have to live too you know and even though we might not see eye to eye with them we have to keep a perspective about this thing. When you drop 4 quarters on the table they only see a dollar. We can see the president on the coin an Eagle In God We Trust etc. They are what have you don’t for me lately? Wrestling is going to die because they will get rid of the tradition. We almost lost it from the Olympics. We have to have trail blazers like Hogan. He can do commentating or interviews but we need him. Why do you think football lasts. Old and new fellas, old and new.

    • Hulk Hogan didn’t help build s***, WWF was what is was before, during, and after Hogan left it got even better. Hogan was merely the John Cena of that time, a guy easy to market to the masses with no real talent whatsoever, but like Cena who can be outmatched by Zack Rider any day, Hogan was no challenge to guys like Bret Hart, Curt Henning, Ted Dibiase, those are the people that help make WWE the top wrestling company in the world, not some wanna be Hollywood washed up actor with no real talent.

      • You are so typical! You haters always say the same thing. Yea, Hulk had onehelluva supportting cast over the years. But they werent the ones that made the pruduct the global sensation that it was. Youre right that today, that guy is john cena. There will always be a guy like that,….There must be. And I will always love listening to dumbass idiots like you that have no life, and will hate based off of jealousy and misinformation. Last thing, how can you think Dibiase had more talent than hogan? They were about the same in many ways. Never much flash in the ring,…bery basic. But super on the mic. Get your facts straight before you want to challenge me arschloch!

  4. I’ve never had the Pope come to my church even when I went to Catholic Mass. I understand what he’s trying to say but that comparison was a stretch. It was nice to hear from Rikishi.

  5. Hogan is a disgrace. He is an adulterer, steroid user who can not act. (never made a movie where he was the main actor that made any money). He is to old to wrestle, he misses his moves and timing is off. Time for Hogan to move on and retire. Not many want to see him wrestle any more. His time has come and gone.

    • You people are so quick to point out mistakes he made. How is that different than sooooo many others not only in wrestling, but the real world. Whats that old saying about let he with out sin cast the first stone??? Maybe your hypocritical ass should think about that. And read what we are talking about. What other options he can do other than wrestle. Know what the big kids are talking about before you decide to join in idiot.

  6. Hulk Hogan might give the WWE a brief gain in interest, but that’s it. He’s not going to do anything major to improve the WWE. He wasn’t even that effective in TNA. How is he going to make that big of an impact in the WWE?
    He’s a good wrestling ambassador at best, and not the big game-changer he once was. The WWE knows this, and that is why they play it safe with him. Its time for The Hulkster to accept a lower-profile role in the business and understand he’s not The Hulkster of 84 anymore.


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