Hulk Hogan Reportedly Training for a WWE Return

– Hulk Hogan, who is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Hogan’s Beach Shop this weekend, still has not signed a deal with TNA and has started to put feelers out to see what major bookings he can get. We noted this past week that Hogan has signed to appear at The Big Event convention on November 9th in Flushing, New York.

Hogan is reportedly training for a return to the ring with the idea that if WWE offers him something, he will be ready to go. Hogan has been “training like a mad man” with hopes of getting back in the ring for WWE.

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Source: PWInsider

  • Negatist

    God PLEASE no more Hogan in the WWE…

    • Miggs Cruz

      he deserves a farewell match at Wrestlemania!!

      • allan

        Y does he deserve that?

        • Miggs Cruz

          say what you want about Hogan…but the fact is that people will still pay top dollars to see him wrestle one last Wrestlemania!!!

          • Negatist

            No more Hogan… PLEASE! I can’t stand to watch another phoney leg drop (especially from a geritol-holic like Hogan!

      • Josh Cervera

        I’ll give you that, IF in fact it is his last match..

    • Ralph Ramos

      I have to agree with you again Negatist. Its never pretty watching old washed up legends attempt to relive their past glory. Uno Mas? How about No Mas.

      • Josh Cervera

        You mean watching TNA lol

  • allan

    There is nooo wayyyy wwe will let hogan wrestle he’s far to fragile even if he trains ,they made flair retire.

  • John Jugovic

    I Want To See Hogan at every Wrestle Mania . Watcha Gonna Do ?

  • Mr. Baker

    He’s “training like a mad man” to perform his Wrecking Ball remake @ WM…

  • Christopher Reamer


  • Fast Eddie

    Why didn’t he train like that for TNA. Because he is a piece of sh*t that’s why. I have been a Hulk Hogan fan for almost 30 years. I hate him now. I hate that he never cared about TNA. What a dummy.

    • Jason Campolo

      cause tna sucks full of wwe rejects like hardy

    • Negatist

      Fast Eddie, I like your thinking! Yeah, come on Blockhead Hogan… just put it down, find a home in the mountains like Piper did, shut the hell up and go away!

  • Nxt Chapter

    hogan is hell lot better than rick flair coming out falling everywhere he got a face lift but thats all he got lifted retire guys