Hulk Hogan Responds to Recent CM Punk Promo

Hulk Hogan had some words for CM Punk and his promo about Superstars of yesteryear having it easier than him during an interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine.

“CM Punk never had to walk into a dressing room where he wasn’t supposed to be. He never walked into Kansas City, where Harley Race was the champion for 20 years, where Harley had told all of his friends and neighbors that he was the only heavyweight champion, because he was the NWA champion. CM Punk never walked into Kemper Arena and had Harley Race put a gun to his head and say, ‘Get out of my town, kid’.

So, does CM Punk have it easier than me? When I was flying 300 days a year, doing double-shots, and there was no Rock and no ‘Stone Cold’ around, but just me for the first 15 years? During the day, I was flying from New York and stopping in St. Louis, taking a TV station manager out to lunch, and then in the afternoon getting to the building early in another town, like Chicago, and cutting a TV deal before wrestling that night. So, no, I don’t think I had it easier than him.”

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  • Kenneth Bryson

    yes hulk u were lucky to live in the hayday of a wrestling explosion and u were on top,does punk need to keep his mouth shut when it comes to his forfathers yes,me personally like u both and glad ive been able to watch u both so pls do what u r both good at entertaining me

    • allan mccann

      its one thing to talk down ric flair or harley race. but everyone talks down hogan, he did alot of s***ty things in this bussiness, and never really gave to it what he took.

  • Heel heat at its finest brother!

  • 316

    CM PUNK is The Best In The World

    • Charles Linkous

      CMPUNK is a D***!!!!

  • Bulldog

    So how many legends and hall of famers has Punk punked.

  • Tyler Durden

    “just me for the first 15 years” Two things: Roddy Piper and Andre The Giant. Without them, you would have been nothing you delusional b****. That is all.

    • Lucas Frieze

      He was meaning that he had to be the face of the company just like Bret, Austin and Rock were. Before any of them he was the first mega star in pro wrestling and he set the standard and had to do a whole lot more than than most do now.

      Of course there were always stars before Hogan but he was the first man to be marketed and made more money than anyone only to have his wife take all of it. CM Punk is good but he is NOT the best in the world.

      IMO Punk couldn’t lace Randy Savage’s boots or Piper’s for the matter.

      • allan mccann

        lol savage is one thing,but dont talk like hes cena, punk has been in 4 5 star matches, hes a fantastic wrestler, and piper was a horrible wrestler, he was just good on the mic mabye the best ever, but in the ring hes not even close to punks level, savage idn there both from diffrent times i mean if you compare there matches punk is better but it was a diffrent time macho didnt know all punks knows, but 10 bucks says you couldnt get piper to say he was ever a better wrestler then punk

        • Lucas Frieze

          It’s apples and oranges when it comes to the styles of today and and the past because in the 80’s a powerslam could end a match but not today.

          Now everyone is more aerodynamic flying through the air and taking more risks. I don’t know what generation you come from but Piper can wrestle is one of the all time greats. Punk is a great performer but being the best in the world is overrated.

          Put Punk against a young HBK that is the same age as he is and Michaels would blow Punk out of the water.

  • Padres4life

    Hulk had Andre the Giant before him. Andre was the man in the territories and thats why WM 3 was such a huge deal. But Hogan was the only big marketing wrestler in his era because Andre had health problems and no one else was good enough. If Piper was big enough a star he would have been given multiple title shots but he never was given any shots at all. Harley Race did have a reputation of being a huge threatening presence so I wouldn’t doubt that gun comment being true. Harley Race used to actually beat guys up legitimately in the ring with his fists actually knocking the guy’s skull, to teach them a lesson in the ring and earn his respect for their toughness.

    • allan mccann

      that last few lines is what wrestling is. that wasnt just harley race ,thats every real wrestler. that is every wrestler..well most.. hogans career was luck of his gimmic, he just took that rep to wcw and buried its talent

  • Y2 jobber

    punk is a skinny attention loving bastard. he will never sell-out crowds and have the popularity of guys like stone cold or rock. me personally i cant stand hulk hogan, but i agree wit him here.

    • Studt62

      He already has carried the Brand for 2 years now, He has done his job pissing you guys off. Best in the World!

      • allan mccann

        no one carries the wwe or tna, there is no one superstar that people tune in for. if that were the case it would be called the cm punk show and he would wrestle himself lol

    • allan mccann

      lol what punk sells out arena all over, mabye not like hogan in his hayday but hogan could never sell like punk now even in his prime, its a diffrent time ,wrestling isnt what it was, but punk is 10 times the performer hogan even was. 100 bucks says if punk jumped ship to tna next week,tnas ratings would be the highest ever. you should be thankful for guys like punk ,cesero,bryan,ohno etc there the future and not your hogans,warriors etc.

  • greg

    punk is apart of the “generation me” group, meaning they only think of the what they have to go through and not what others before him had to go through. granted punk has to to go through more interms of protecting his image at all times(has to show he lives the straight edge life style in public),he still has it better than hogan had at back in the day. less pay, traveling 300+ days etc… sometimes i think punk takes his in ring persona do far and doesnt know how to seperate giving a shot or just answering a ligit question.

    • allan mccann

      he wasnt in character its how he think. hes said it before in interviews its just speaks his mind. and punk works 300 plus days a year ,infact i think he works more then hogan did i know he wrestles more. and less pay hogan has broke records with how much hes been payed, even in the 90s he was still pulling in more then punk is now. nothing about hogans time was harder, it was easier, you think guys were ruff then ha the indys are full of blood thirsty animals, wrestling is way harder to get into and make a name for yourself WAYYY harder, u think the boston bogger would get over today lol and in ring work is at a level no one though it would ever be , i dont see how anything was harder for him…also there is no generation ME, thats stupid punk respects the s*** out of legends , look all he did for macho man even though hes dead and punk doesnt believe in god so basically hes respecting a corpse, just cause he doesnt respect men who buried superstars and companys doesnt mean he doesnt respect legends,

  • allan mccann

    wtf is hogan talking about? when did punk ever go into a lockeroom and feel out of place? all the f***ing time, i mean punk is the poster boy of what a superstar isnt to look like. hogan is on crack. he never had it truly hard.i mean if hogan was punks size u think he would have been this guy NO WAY, and in todays wrestling in the indys everyone is like old harley race, wrestling is at a level hogan could never work,and punk is in that level, hogan is one of the last guys who should talk about paying dues..and punks the last guy you should say that too. hogan doesnt have a leg to stand on here

  • Bob Roe

    Hulk Hogan was the WWF and helped propel wrestling into the mainstream media…Andre the Giant was never in one promotion for too long to make nay impact whatsoever, until he finally landed in WWF but was too old and too far gone health wise to make an impact…Piper was a mouth piece and that was it…The WWF had no one else to carry the torch, so Hogan was it…The only time you saw these guys was at WM, Summer Slam or Saturday Night’s Main Event…They didn’t have the OVERexposure that these guys have now…Even Rock, Stone Cold and the guys from the Attitude Era had Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, every single week…Now CM Punk, Cena, Jericho, even HHH have this overwhelming machine behind them called WWE and they are on every thing from cereal boxes to ceiling fans…But, none of this is possible without Hulk Hogan and his willingness to be great…All those promos that Shawn Higenbottom made about Hogan are indicative of their unwillingness to give Hogan his rightful place atop the wrestling mountain…

  • Lucas Frieze

    The truth is if it wasn’t for Hogan there would be no WWE right now and before you b**** about other guys like Piper, Roberts, Savage, Warrior, Rude, DiBiase, Duggan, Hart Foundation and others being apart of the success you have to remember that none of those guys would have put the WWE on the map the way Hogan did.

    The company would have made money but without Hulkamania the WWE would have ended up like the AWA. Hogan had the look and the best gimmick so he was crowned the golden boy just like Cena is now.

  • 316

    CM PUNK is the best by far. Can’t wait for Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. Two of the best!!! What a match it will be Wrestlemania 30