Hulk Hogan Says He’s Ready for the Next Challenge


As seen Thursday night on Impact Wrestling Dixie Carter wanted Hulk Hogan to join “Team Dixie,” but told her, “I Quit,” and walked out. Following the show, Carter wrote on Twitter, “You are so fired @HulkHogan!!!”. However, he is still listed as a member on the TNA Wrestling roster page.

Hogan considers that four-year chapter over. Following the event, he wrote on his Facebook account, “One door closes, another one opens, and I’m ready for my next challenge. Life is good. HH.”

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  1. That’s how it works at the bank. When you reach in to get the cylinder thing with the money out the other part closest to the bank closes. I guess so that you only get what you deserve. Life is like that cylinder thing at the bank.

    • I was just agreeing with him and using a harmless antidote to give an example of a door opening while one closes. You can lose the name by the way.

  2. I ate at Hulk Hogan’s restaurant “on the Beach” in Tampa. Fl. It is a very nice restaurant with gourmet meals at a reasonable price. I live in Orlando, Fl.

    • Probably but it’s a good one which they need. The part where he fires him after he quits is classic. That sounds like every fight I’ve ever seen where the person wanted to be the one to come out looking like a rose lol. They are starting to rebuild which is great.

  3. Yeah, Sadly, it seems like it’s a story. Would be better for TNA if he were gone, and Dixie were to just hire wrestling people to run the day to day and let her and panda worry about making it profit. Hopefully he stays written out and the contract ends as it’s just not GOOD FOR BUSINESS to have hulkster in charge.

  4. I’m assuming by the wording of his tweet that he thinks working at TNA is a challenge, but resting on your laurels isn’t a challenge.

  5. I love Hulk Hogan, but TNA must let him go. It is too expensive to keep him. He needs to go back to WWE with Hall and Nash as NWO and put over The Shield.


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