Hulk Hogan Still Promoting TNA?

Hulk Hogan has continued doing promotional work for TNA Wrestling as he spoke about the upcoming tapings this week during an interview with

In the interview, Hulk played up his tension between Dixie Carter, “I think Dixie has flipped the switch or something, she’s off on a tangent here.”

Hogan also commented about the creative and production side of TNA, “It’s an artform and a lot of the artform has been lost because the TV demands that things happen fast and get out of the ring. So we’re trying to make wrestling how it should be.”

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  • allan

    du Hulk wouldnt be fired on tv

    • captainbuck

      Not again at least, but, he needs to go, they can’t afford him and they better not offer him part ownership for it.

  • Jay

    TNA hasn’t learned s***.If they go out of business they deserve it

    • Stevontte Bonnie Boo Mcclary

      Dude do you have spell check?

      • Louisa Baton

        He probably meant it. They had advance warning this would happen lol.

      • Jay

        Come on you know what I meant.TNA never learns from its past mistakes

  • Louisa Baton

    He’s working off the price of his retirement gift lol

  • Nat James

    Hulk Hogan is still working for TNA. Him leaving is just a storyline and he will be back when Jeff Jarrett takes over TNA again in the storylines.

  • Fast Eddie

    I love Hulk Hogan, But TNA can use that money to get back stars like, Devon, Anderson, Mickie James, Alex Shelly. I loved Motor City machine guns, Beer Money and Inc Inc