Hulk Hogan Talks About Triple H Taking Over the WWE


Hulk Hogan talked about what will happen when Triple H takes over the WWE from Vince McMahon during an interview with Wrestle Talk Tv.

“I had a great conversation with him [Triple H] a long time ago in New York and he seems to be dialed in,” Hogan said. “He’s not Triple H the wrestler, he’s Triple H who’s kinda stepped back and he’s got a real good feel for the big picture.

Vince will always be around, but I just think [that] they’re a cohesive team. They won’t miss a beat, and if you call them at 5 in the morning or 2 in the morning, they’re the type of people that … the business is 24 hours a day for them. I think they’ll be a strong force to be reckoned with for quite a long time.”

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  1. They will not do that…it’s been done in the wwe…and it wasn’t the same as it was when they were in WCW…Hall, Nash, and Xpac…where the sh*t…hogan was a clown and never should have been apart of that cliq…so to say that the wwe should bring back the nWo is the stupidest idea ever…they just don’t work in this day and age in the WWE.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily call it stupid. It was a solid attempt from WWE to do the NWO angle. They tried to strike lightning twice, but it just was not meant to be. Problem was that Hogan got over as a face, Nash was injured and Hall’s substance abuse demons got the best of him, causing him to get the boot. Have a heel stable always produces good heat in the business and drives ratings/ticket sales. It will be a matter a time before one just as big as the NWO catches on.


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